Growth January 3, 2020

What goal(s) are you focused on hitting in 2020?

Nigel Washington @NLW

For me, it's growing Everscript to 100 subscribers or surpass $40,000 MRR.

What are some goals you have for your business?

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    Growing to 10k registered users

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      This looks good!

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    For me it’s to reach $20k MRR for by end of 2020.

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      Hell yea! I love the website design.

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        Thank you

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      Awesome design and cool product. What's the best email to reach you?

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      Very clean looking website, well done! Crush it.

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      Hey, the reviews link in navbar isn't working

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        Great catch! thanks!

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        thank you

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    For me, it's reaching $2020 MRR by the end of 2020 from & while having a fulltime job!

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      Awesome achievements so far 🎉

      How can I reach you?

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        Thanks. You can DM me on Twitter.

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    Reach $2k MRR with coolLabs products.
    Our first paid application will be out soon, so maybe it's a huge goal, but still. :-)

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    • Launching a non beta version of
    • Releasing a Windows version
    • Establishing sales and marketing to reach a stable MRR which
      a) I can live from and
      b) is not based on a subscription model but on a one time license purchase
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    Getting back to being creative and following my dreams instead of drowning them out by being "realistic"

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    It would be great if everybody also mentions progress so far. It's different hitting $40k from $30k or from zero...

    I personally really hope to finish (and sooner than end of the year!). I have a lot of pages done, 350+, but I still need to finish 2 chapters and do a lot of and lot of polishing things up.

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      Would you be interested in featuring your story on What is the best email to reach you?

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        Maybe when the book is a success? Or maybe don't understand why someone would like to know about it just because :). You could reach me on [email protected]

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    Growing to 100 paying customers. Focus on marketing efforts and product analytics.

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    Simply to just think of and start developing a product with a view to be able to move away from the grind of 9-5 employment!

    Continue to work on existing side projects and possibly try to grow/monetise but they are unlikely money making ventures.

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    Growing to 10 ongoing paid subscribers and having a team.

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    $250k ARR between all 3 of my ventures. I just hit $100k ARR this year with two companies, so I'm thinking $250k should be plenty doable.

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    Adding APM Monitoring to product suite! And hitting 15k users by the end of the year. Also trying to convert more of the free users to paid plans.

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    Sell digital products of $1M, up from only $8k last year, but this will be the first year I go full-time on it.

    They say you have to aim high :)

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