Meetups April 4, 2019

What happened at the Worldwide meetup this week?

Anthony Castrio @AntCas

Thanks everyone who came to the Worldwide online meetup today, it was great meeting so many new people and seeing familiar faces too.

We set a geographic record this week with people calling in all the way from Mexico to Shanghai and everywhere between (I think the hour was too late for our Hawaiian and Japanese Indie Hacker friends).

This week a lot of attendees were freelancers, myself included. It seems like there's a big overlap between freelancers and Indie Hackers and I think the same motivations lead people towards both pursuits.

In the next few weeks I'd like to experiment with meetups specifically for people freelancing or for people with a launched product they're working on.

What do folks think about that?

Other news:

a) We'll have another meetup scheduled for Asia this month.

b) Hopiin shipped a big update, it would be cool to try out their platform again.

c) The slack group has been growing a ton. We now have 73 members on slack, 188 on Facebook, and 80 on the mailing list.

How was your experience at Worldwide this week?

Where would you like to see us take this group next?

Until next time, Worldwide 🌎🌍🌏 #meetups #meetup #Worldwide

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    Was interesting, would love to see a product only meetup.

  2. 2

    So sorry I missed it! Was exhausted from yesterday 😂

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      Next time