May 25, 2019

What has been unusually hard?

Dennis Xu @dennisaxu

Apart from acquiring users/finding product market fit, what has been the toughest part of your founder journey so far?

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    Creating an operation that can scale faster than the input of my own time.

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    You mentioned the two main problems. Everything after that is easy sailing . Many of us are still struggling to solve the first two.

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      Exactly, finding something people want and then have them buy it is the main pain point of every business. The remaining part consists usually of technical things that, in a way or another, are easier to deal with. But I might add two additional points:

      • not only finding a product/service people want to buy but also one that reflects your values and you're truly passionate about
      • the motivation and grit needed to face uncertainty during your journey
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    Finding developers and learning how to build a SaaS as a Non-Dev. Two things that I would have done differently now would be to get a full mockup/clickable UI done with an experienced UX person and also done a database/schema layout before starting. 20/20 hindsight. But given that a year and a bit ago I didn't know those terms or how to start I feel like I've come quite a ways.

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    Finding correct packaging and international shipping from India has been a logistical nightmare for us as of now.

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    Honestly, acquiring users is the problem and is tedious and tiring but nonetheless important. I think finding motivitation to update and improve your product is the second most difficult part.