Growth November 11, 2019

What have you been doing this past week to grow your product?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Weekly growth notes is the chance to share what you've been up to recently with a focus on growing your product.

  • what have you been doing recently to grow your product?
  • what has worked?
  • what hasn't worked?
  • what have you learned?
  • AND what can indie hackers help you with?

By sharing openly we can not only support each other but we also have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by each others work.

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    Hi Rosie,

    Recently we built another way people can onboard our product.

    We wanted to try and get something a bit more shareable to help us with user acquisition, so we built a simple web tool that takes a URL and matches it to the last 6 months of vulnerabilities.

    We thought that it would be a great ice-breaker to present a link like this to people with their url in it

    Problem is, it can only detect a small amount of software used which increases chances of 'no results found' (as with the indiehackers url)

    We did see a much higher conversion rate when people have used this tool though, so it has been worth the effort.

    We wrote a post on how we built it also if people are interested