October 21, 2019

What have you been doing this week to grow your product?

Weekly growth notes is the chance to share what you've been up to recently with a focus on growing your product.

  • what have you been doing recently to grow your product?
  • what has worked?
  • what hasn't worked?
  • what have you learned?
  • AND what can indie hackers help you with?

By sharing openly we can not only support each other but we also have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by each others work.

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    Hello everyone!

    This week I discovered that professionals in the CRM community regularly use fuzzy matching tools to remove duplicates from their contact lists and other related data.

    This means that this resource I hadn't yet tapped is heavily using a feature that Flookup has so, in order to let it be known to them, I changed my SEO strategy and decided to post regularly on Twitter about Flookup. I'm yet to assess what impact this change in direction has had though.

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      Oh, interesting. I've learned something new today, thank you! :)

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        馃檪 You're welcome

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    Talking to few advisors on SEO/content for https://womenhustlers.com

    We are currently evaluating advisors to help us in our further quest on content marketing and SEO.

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    I've been doing the "unscalable" in the past days. I've been reaching out to my target audience in instagram and engaging with them, trying to DM businesses that might be interested in our service. What i realize though, that doing this is effective if you want to learn more about your audience but expecting sales right away probably is going to be difficult. Thinking of doing paid ads very soon. I just launched my MVP www.creativebutlers.com so i'm really in the early stage of the business and try to learn and adjust as i go.

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      Good luck with creativebutlers Aaron! I appreciate your landing page! Where are you based?

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        Thanks!! Currently based in Manila, PH.