Advertising July 13, 2020

What have you learned from advertising on Facebook/Instagram?

Anita Kirkovska @anita_kirkovska

I have been utilizing fb ads for a SAAS product in the past few months and here are some things that we've learned:

  1. Start with crazy ideas. Make different creatives and test them early
  2. FB ads work only if you maintain and optimize them over 3 days, a week, a month
  3. Making big changes to the ad will restart the learning curve and you may waste more money
  4. Creatives that show "comparison" between problem/solution(your app) worked best for us
  5. Gif worked more than static images on average
  6. Simple and minimalistic images worked best

What are some stuff you've learned?

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    I'm helping a political candidate, and after some early experimentation, it looks like video is likely a winner.

    I picked this up from Hubspot's course on the FB Dollar a Day strategy: .

    ThruPlay rates (15+ seconds of playback) are sitting around 70%(!), and following that strategy, should also enable targeting of those who did ThruPlay for deeper engagement and bigger CTAs. These are hilariously cheap, too: right around 3 cents per ThruPlay.

    On non-video posts, clickthrough rates have generally been around 5-15%. These point to blog posts on specific issues, etc. and are likely pretty niche, but may drive deeper action right away (such as volunteering or donation). We've gotten about 13 cents per click on a test campaign, which may turn out to be a big ROI.

    In terms of caveats, I'm skeptical of Facebook's metrics overall given their constant problems with misstatement of numbers. But if one assumes that all of this data is equally bad, the comparatively high engagement for video, ability to further target, and low price may be great for my candidate.

    I'll probably try these techniques for my next launch, as well.

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    A while back I experimented with FB/Insta, and was very unhappy with it. About to retry - I think in 1-1.5 months. Fyi, I will experiment with video ads ;)

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      Why were you very unhappy? Let me know if I can help.

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        Long story short: they promise something (like, they give you some estimates), and you can end up with much less than that.
        And if I remember correctly, you can't target Desktop-only.