What I learnt from producing 23 podcasts

This is a question nearly every Indiehacker, marketer and founder asks themselve at somepoint - "should you podcast?"

I'm not sure if you should as I don't know your situation, but if you do... here are seven things I've learnt about doing this approx. 23 times over the past two years:

1. Niche down

Unless you have a track record of creating awesome podcasts, an email list or a shedload of cash... you and your business will need to niche down on your podcast topic.

2. Incorporate one of these three growth drivers

I've been in podcasting game for five years and from this experience I have noticed three things that the biggest and best podcasts do:

👉 Sourcing awesome guests
👉 Telling a story
👉 Being transparent and/or vunerable

3. Be strategic about guests

The #1 mistake that mosts businesses make when podcasting is to not understand that the core ROI from running a podcast will come from the relationships you build with your guests... not your listeners.

If you nurture guest relationships effectively, you could end up generating:

👉 Insights from your guests
👉 Customers from your guests
👉 Partners from your guests
👉 Investors/advisors from your guests

4. Define the next step for your listeners

Getting podcast listeners and subscribers is awesome... but in effect, these are less valuable to your business than a website visit as you can't even retarget a podcast listener!

What is the next thing for them to do that you can give to them in exchange for an email address?

5. Maximise guest sharing

View each guest you bring on as a partnership.

You are creating content for and promoting them to your audience. They are bringing their expertise... but it would also be great if they were to help promote the episode.

6. Content syndication

How do you get your podcast out there?

Well you do just that ;)

You pull out parts of the audio content, re-format them into text or video and then distribute to places online where your ideal listeners exist.

7. Be consistent

And finally, building any kind of audience online takes consistent time and effort over an extended period of time.

If you are going to commit to podcasting for your business, then agree with yourself that you will run the podcast for atleast six months before reviewing the return on investment and making any further decisions.

I hope these help anyone running a podcast with a view to making a profit... hit me up in the comments if you have any questions!

Oh, and the full post is here :)

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    Thanks for sharing this @tomhuntio. Some great insights and I like how you recommend waiting at least 6 months before evaluating. Content creation with podcasting is similar to writing articles and blogging in this sense, that they take some time to really begin to see an ROI, but it all compounds over time.

    1. 2

      So true, thanks for reading man!

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