Ideas and Validation October 24, 2020

What ideas would you LIKE to work on this weekend?

Team Indie Hackers @TeamIH

We've all got project ideas that we'd like to work on, but perhaps we don't have the time or the motivation.

So if you could be hacking on anything this weekend, what would it be?

P.S. If someone shares something that sounds interesting, consider asking them to partner up on it!

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    Don't ask me 😊😊

    @biku7 asked similar question on last weekend at

    I was supposed to watch some movie on that day and thats what I commented initially on the post.

    But his post kept bothering me to build something small and I ended up building in an hour, posted on IH for opinion on same day, asked for a poll on IH, scheduled PH launch on next day for Tuesday and ended up with 280+ votes and stood at #9 on PH on that day (Now at 400 votes at

    And made a lot of friends who got in touch on Twitter to add their APIs. It has been a fun ride!!

    We never know what your simple post lets someone to build. 👍

    1. 2

      That's a huge motivation for me now as well. Haha 😃

    2. 2

      Which has currently 22 upvotes and 66 comments 😁😁😂😉😉😊☺️😃

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    Bookmarking posts for IH 😇

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    Just launched Panda:

    Looking to get my first few paying customers this weekend (Hopefully)

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      Haha that’s so funny, I also launched something with pandas in the name.

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    Currently working on some tools to help with remote work and insolation and I JUST CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. I created a survey just to see if what I am trying to solve is a problem or not (Its for me but not sure how people feel about it..) It someone wants to take the survey and answer the questions It will be really helpful. It will not take you more than 5 minutes I promise. Thanks!

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    Couple of years ago I created a simple game as a present for my girlfriend's birthday. This weekend I want to check out some javascript game engines to see how easy it would be to build custom games for other people.

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    I'm not quite sure. A few weeks ago, I built an MVP that would let you type into an editor where the words were hidden. My thinking was that it could be used for getting ideas from your head onto "paper" without worrying about typos, grammar, etc... However, now, I'm not sure if I should pursue building this out or look for a new problem.


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    I'd love to be able to scrape a loom folder I own in a google sheet. I'm stumped how to do it. Probably ImportXML won't work, and just need to be able to see new videos in a sheet within a day of them being made. Would help distribute videos better to Better Sheets members.

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    Finishing Week 2 of my Gamification course, I'm interested in building a project that encourages people to go out and run more, using gamification and the aspect of teams to work in.

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    I’m spending time this weekend working on Deliberate Python. It’s a way to master Python fundamentals faster using spaced repetition :)

    It’s been an incredibly fun project to work on. Some folks on Reddit dm’d me almost dying for it to be done when I started talking about it :)

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    Maybe I'm overdoing it, but need to complete 3 MVPs by Monday:

    A platform to find use cases and reviews of sales prospecting/lead generation tools
    a job board to hire e-commerce operators in India
    a course on finding job interviews with cold email.

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