Ideas and Validation February 27, 2020

What if SendGrid/MailChimp + Whatsapp had a baby?

Sagar Khatri 🚀 INDIA @dssagar93

How about an idea to build something like a template based dynamic notification or transaction message creation platform for Whatsapp. Also newsletters can be an add-on for better engagement with the audience. Validate me.

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    Could you lead us through a use case? It's hard to grasp the idea for me.

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      Let say a user booked a flight ticket. What do platforms usually do? Send them an intimation on emails right? But how about sending those transactional messages or notifications for their bookings/orders etc on whatsapp.
      Now in my case, I am saying that what if there is a SaaS platform available to send messages on whatsapp for different use cases using just an API. Users can use templates from existing ones and can also build new ones. Whatsapp has a better conversion rate I've read this somewhere.

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    Sound a lot like Meesho ! the indian startup

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      Meesho looks like a marketplace although I am not sure from their homepage. What I am talking about is a platform for sending transactional/notification messages.

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    I need opinions on this as there are not many tools out there that can do this I assume. Any kind of questions or any kind of thought process that you have got mind for this product then I am happy to talk more about it.