What is a "good" domain authority?

I've been assessing the SEO performance for some of my side projects measuring the page/domain authority on Moz of the homepage of the projects.

I realized I'm not really sure what is a good score. Obviously the higher the better, but for a side project that's say about a year old what's a good target to set?

PodHunt for example has a PA: 30 and DA: 26, is that good/bad?

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    Depends on what sort of competitive area you're trying to rank.

    Non-competitive - 30-40 you're probably fine.
    Competitive niche 50-70
    Super competitive niche - 70+ with a brand.

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      Thanks Joel, this looks like a great set of ranges and make sense as to why a range is needed.

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        Let me know if you have specific ones you're looking at and I can give more details.

        Also - page authority is becoming more and more important - especially in hyper competitive niches.

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          Thanks appreciate the help.

          Currently focusing on terms in the podcasting space, primarily "podcast host" or "podcast hosting", which I realize are a hyper competitive niches.

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    I ran https://toasty.ai for the last 18 months and we had a DR around 55 and it got us ranked for 100+ keywords regularly (Google emailed us a report), so in my mind this DR is pretty decent.

    I started working more on my personal website https://kevoncheung.com these days, and it has a DR 1.6 now (lol) so fresh, I'm thinking hard how to get it up for a personal website.. if anyone has any advice.

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    Forget domain authority. I have huge seo background but if your content is so awesome on that topic you can easily rank for the keyword. Eg. I confounded myReviewninja.com, for review generation software and related keyword. We were ranking on page 1 competing with birdseye and other high DA sites. Because we have great content, most of the content is in 5K words range. Same with coldemailninja.com. Now we are focusing on Hupport.com. so other products are not ranking as they did before. Just to give you an example.

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      100% agree with @Madhanraj, domain score is pretty much a vanity metric when it comes to ranking.

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      Thanks for the response.

      Yeah most metrics turn into vanity metrics in the end, but we still need something to measure relative performance.

      I guess I can just focus on back links count, and organic searches to see if things are performing well.

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        Focus on Quora answers. Quora back links are helping a lot with ranking.

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    average. i think 70+ is good.

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      That's what I was reading too, but IndieHackers for example is at a 53, and I assume they're doing pretty good.

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    Just out of curiousity what constitutes a good podcast according to your site?

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      Well that's entirely up to the community. Whatever they submit/vote up is good! 😻

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        ah, the community submits podcasts. I see okay.. thats good for free publicity.

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          Yep, that was the idea. Tried to build something to give exposure to more podcasters, not just the celebrity ones.

          EDIT: "not"!

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            You mean "not" just the celebrity ones? or just the celebrity ones? Either way thumbs up to you man.

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