No-Code January 25, 2020

What is a platform where I can upload an XD design and it returns the HTML and CSS? @entrepreneurs

The title says it all... I am looking for some kind of platform where I can input the design, either through image or other means, and then it gives me the html and css.

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    Are you looking for this automatically? There are certainly freelancers that would love to get the job done for you that will be miles better than any automatic system could do. Not truly in the no-code spirit but I don't know of any other way.

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    Webflow allows you to use a graphic user interface (control elements via drag and drop) and it'll let you export a zip file with your html css and java.

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    Hey there! 👋

    I doubt that you will find a good way to make this happen. 🙁There might be a service to do something like this, but the code will most likely be very messy and full of errors.

    If you want an easy way to read the CSS you can use a service like Zeplin. It doesn't enable a full export, but you will be able to hover the elements to see the CSS.

    Here a link: