What is the best landing page builder?

As IH which landing page builders make a place in your heart? & why?

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    I think https://carrd.co is the best deal out there. You can even try out https://divjoy.com/

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    For me Carrd.co and unicornplatform.com are best because of their simplicity and ease to use.

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    I have used https://www.umso.com/ and strongly recommend it. Easy to use (UI/UX) and straight to the point for launching a SaaS product.

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    Carrd has it's advantages, but lately I've been using Dorik (https://dorik.com/)

    It's more dynamic than Carrd, and visually has more in common with something like Webflow. Although not as robust.

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    We've been working on https://www.everypagehq.com for a little while as an open source fully-featured landing page builder. It's still in its early stages so the usability isn't as good as I'd like but it's already incredibly powerful. I'm hoping it becomes the default for anyone that can think structurally going forward (structurally cos it doesn't really work well for prototypes, more for well-structured projects)

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    @Pratik_Dani @iOmkarBirje @ehben @Onlineworkflow @altlabs

    Looking for someone to help build a landing page for me using a tool like Carrd. While I could do it, I'd rather work with someone who's a good designer and already familiar with it. Any suggestions?

    After that, maybe I can have @thepeffrey and @Samuele Onelia review it -- I've seen some of their past feedback on landing pages and they both have provided some great feedback!

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      I would be willing to help you out. What kind of landing page are you looking for?

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        Thanks! Can you email me (email in IH profile)? Happy to share some initial thoughts via email.

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      I might be able to help.
      What message and feel do you want your landing page to evoke?

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        Thanks! Instead of hijacking this thread too much, can you email me (email in IH profile)? Happy to share some initial thoughts via email or whatsapp or skype.

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    Here are 3 I have used:
    Mail Chimp :
    For when I want an email sign up or some more marketing based features

    AWS S3 bucket:
    If you are comfortable with a bit of code you can configure S3 Buckets as a static website. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/user-guide/static-website-hosting.html
    I use this method for my personal site as well, I just grab a bootstrap template I like from https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.0/examples/ or https://bootstrapmade.com/ and customize it to my liking. Then just upload the files to the S3 bucket. I have a script that automates this I can give you if you want it.

    I used this before when I had some design ideas I didn't know how to code up. But after using mail chimp, I think I prefer them over WIX because I get marketing features as well.

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    I would use https://www.umso.com (formerly called landen)

    I've also tried carrd, it's good for much smaller pages, but umso allows you to easily build full scale websites if you need it to, it's the easiest to use tool I've found, waayyy easier than webflow, you don't need to know HTML/CSS to get started.

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    👍 Versoly.com is definitely a good one made by a person on here!
    Otherwise look into MailChimp landing pages, powerful enough to get started and offers direct email capture features!

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