What is the best timing to list ourselves on Product Hunt?

I have read mixed opinions about Product Hunt in here, but think could fit into our marketing efforts. My question for the community is when we should consider listing in there.

Quick context:
We have completed rebranding our application:
"YadaYadaYada.io | Get to the point, lists and guides for everything you need."

...and are setting up new marketing pages which better explain the application. We are also adding a landing page which will build an email list of people interested in our forthcoming revenue sharing program. Beyond that we have major features coming within a few months and are flipping over to a new front end.

Given that information, I am trying to decide when we should submit to Product Hunt?

When should we list on Product Hunt?
  1. Now, time is of the essence.
  2. In a few weeks after the marketing pages are released, don't wait for more features.
  3. In a few months once the new features are released.
  1. 1

    Hey Andy I dig what you have going on with Yada I think it's a great idea, have you launched on Product Hunt yet?

    1. 1

      Not yet, we are leaning towards waiting until our audience is a little bigger and all of our marketing pages are stood up. We want to make sure we are setup to capture the moment as best we can.

      1. 2

        Well product hunt is good for gaining audience and gaining traffic to your page. Reddit is a great place for community building when your starting out. product hunt is great for sign ups to scale your community.

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