May 20, 2019

What is the best way to reach out to users for BtoC Startup?

Yoshua Kishi @Yoshua

We are creating an emotional diary platform to overcome negative feelings.
We are reaching out to some communities of Anxiety, ADHD, and some mental disorders.
Once users use our product, they start to use our product. But it is too difficult to do that.
Is there any advice?

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    Find online communities of people who care about this, and post there. I would add the "mindfulness / meditation" space to your list. I would also be careful about whether gathering depressed / anxious people together makes them more or less depressed / anxious.

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      Oh okay, I will try to reach them!

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    Hire me to extract and deliver to you, between 5k to 10k email addresses of existing mental health entities. I am a cognitive/mental health blogger, digital marketer myself in which generates around 200k monthly users.

    Together with email marketing, we can work together to build your instagram engagement regarding app lovers/mental health practitioners. I have a tool that can autofollow, autounfollow and like photos like humans but actually faster. It targets instagram users based on usernames/keywords and hash tags. And it runs on autopilot 24/7 in a Virtual Private Server.

    Read details here:

    This has been working great for me at Neuroscientia as Instagram and email campaigns make you get more personal these days.

    You can reach George personally via [email protected]

    Or reach me via [email protected]

    Skype: bukunmiadewumi

    Please, let us know via email how we could help you scale up..

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      Thanks I will!

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    Advertise free

    • Post on Reddit

    • Post on Betalist

    I have asked about it before.

    Btw, what is your goal? Increase download user or activate user?

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      Betalist, I didn't know that!

      I think I need to get more weekly active users.

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    What is your difficulty right now?

    What have you tried?

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      We tried to get in touch with community, organize a small event, blogs, social media, PH, and try to contact to the therapist.

      Among this, contact to therapist was the best way because they recommended to patient, but it’s not exponential way...

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        Not every vector needs to scale. Find more therapists. Find out where therapists hang out. Build that network.

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          Thank you!