Developers January 24, 2021

What is the fastest way to create a frontend that connects to a headless cms?

Edu @palmerotti


I've been playing around with Strapi (a headless cms) and it is amazing how fast you can create a CRUD rest or graphql API. Also you have some flexibility to customize some code if you need it.

Is there something similar but for the Frontend, so I can easily build an UI and connect it to a strapi api?

Something like:

  • 80% of work out of the box with some visual tool
  • 20% code to meet custom requirements (ideally in React)
  • open source

Thank you!

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    I'm not sure I'd say it was 80% and depends greatly on what you need the front end to do, but I played with NextJS recently following their quick start guide and was amazed that within a couple of hours I had a working front end that talked to a CMS. This from someone that had never touched it before then. (Full disclosure, I have used Gatsby though).

    It wasn't the most amazing looking thing, but it was up and running.

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