Landing Page Feedback April 4, 2020

What is wrong with landing my page?


Hello Indie hackers,
In last 48 hours I have got 1000+ visitors but bounce rate is high. What is wrong with my landing page that I am not able to see?

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    What are you looking for from visitors?

    I would expect a site like this to have a pretty high bounce rate. If you're targeting front-end devs, I'd many of them either (1) already use LESS/SASS or Bootstrap/Tailwind/etc and are reasonably happy, or (2) would be interested in something for a current project but can't or won't switch right now. I'd guess that most will take note of your name+value prop for a future project.

    I'd suggest being crystal clear with your value prop. For example, I use LESS for many of my projects and write a good amount of custom CSS. If I'm in your target audience, why would I use Shorthand instead? A few examples could go a long way here, especially if they clearly show why Shorthand makes things easier or better.

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    I'm a techie and I didn't get it for a long time. (i.e. more than 3-5 seconds)

    • Maybe a Loom of code before and after using your package?
    • Testimonials!
    • Code examples - for each example show a code snippet and the result - let me SEE what it does.


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      This! I’d bounce pretty quickly as well after not seeing any code and visual examples.

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    Those colors at "Why Shorthand?" section (gradient rainbows) looks totally bad. I don't want and can't ready anything out there. Whole site doesn't look professional for me because of those colors. But first of all, give some code examples . Site is obviously dedicated for tech guys so give them "meat"; give the code explaining why this is better / different. Actually I don't know why this is better than e.g. Bulma?

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    My first thought was, "sweet, another CSS framework!" which is normally something I get excited about exploring 🤓

    But nowhere on your landing page does it share an example of what your syntax looks like or accomplishes. For reference, Bulma has several examples on its landing page that show the syntax for grids, buttons, and inputs, among other things. I had to actively dig on Shorthand that gave me any sort of context for what I should be expecting if I ran npm. In fact, each of those sections under "Why Shorthand?" could be its own featurette of code/example, and I would be 100% satisfied with the content.

    That being said, though, it looks fantastic! I definitely don't think you're lacking from the product end of things.

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    With no call to action, they dont really have anything to do except bounce.

    A few other notes:

    • The colours dont really work, especially the gradient text. The white text is also hard to read against some of the gradient colour backgrounds.
    • Vertically squashed on laptop screen, not a good look for a "More Responsive" framework
    • 6 rows, 6 alignments. Yikes.
    • Extensive use of !important does not raise confidence in the framework.

    To be honest I wouldnt want to use a design system that produced this.

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    I think the biggest issue is lack of a clear call-to-action. As a visitor, I'm not sure exactly what it is you want me to do.

    I also wonder, how are you generating traffic? If tit from ads, does the messaging match and are you paying off the call to action in those on the page?

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    Hey Bansal! Have you ever identify where the traffic comes from and which dropping point contribute the most?

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      Hello Felix,
      As per the google analytics the primary traffic source is direct , although I posted to producthunt, betapage, indiehacker, designer news and some subreddits also.

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    Thanks Indiehackers for your valuable feedback. Now I realised what I was doing wrong. I have never represented the features that make it unique. Maybe I was in a hurry to launch the product. It's such a valuable lesson.