What is your best free marketing channel?

The best free channel for Wellybox is Quora.

Truth is, most of our traffic comes from paid ads (Facebook mostly) and Google search.
But Google's traffic mostly searches for our brand, so it doesn't really count.
Our goal is to make Google organic the most powerful free marketing channel for WellyBox, hopefully in 1 month.

So what is your best free marketing channel?

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    For me and my clients, it's either FB groups (for everyone) or Reddit (for English speaking audiences)

    1. 1

      Any interesting FB groups? Does it bring you traffic?

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        well, most of the FB groups that bring traffic to my clients are very niche (eg : groups for people who help their sick loved ones or groups for yoga teachers living in Paris)

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    Google via blog posts. But the blog has been part of the business since pre-launch and now with thousands of blog posts. It's hard and is a slow game but can really pay off over time.

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      Cool. This is my goal for WellyBox. Can you share a link to your blog?

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    Really depends on your target audience. As long as you're where they are, making creative content, getting conversations/engagement going, that's the best :)

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      I agree as well and somehow admire how Jack Butcher leverages Twitter to give an example.

      Seems to be a fantastic channel for his target audience: https://twitter.com/visualizevalue

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    Reddit and twitter!

    1. 1

      Cool. Any specific subreddits?

      1. 3

        Sideproject, startup (s), entrepreneur, marketing mainly

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    Community marketing, Do join communuties where your audience are. This way you could promote, discuss about your product and services

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    You can also make partnership marketing another free channel

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      Yap sounds interesting. Do you have any suggestions for how to approach it?

      1. 3

        Sure. I run growthchat.co and recently authored https://partnershipmarketing.xyz

        If you have a minute, let's jump on a call this week to see how you can grow through partnerships

        Here's is my Calendly link, calendly.com/launchbeast/meeting

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