What is your blogging process when it comes to publishing articles?

It's a real struggle to implement a proper blogging workflow.

So far, I have invested in several tools (for grammar and spelling, keyword research, SEO, link checking...) and tried several ways and it's so hard to find a workflow that works for me.

I have so much to say on many different topics. For the most part, I don't even want to care about SEO. I just wanna put out great thoughts but the blocker is not being able to find a good workflow.

What tools do you use to go from idea to draft to a blog article?
If you think it's not about the tools, then what's your workflow like?
Or you don't have any workflows at all like just write and publish?

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    just make something content that you really want and it will follow. Just make sure who is the audience and why you are making that content.

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    It might be easier to not think about the what or the how to do it. Rather the why and who. If you know clearly you're writing for someone, you'd want to get it to them.

    Much of my writing starts as an email to a single person, or a reply to a tweet, or an answer in a forum (like this one).

    If you find that what you have to say about the topic turns into 3 or more paragraphs, it's probably really really really good for a blog post. Or if it' turns into a list. or a step by step guide, even if short, is great fodder for the blog.

    Maybe it's about tricking the brain a little bit, try starting a blog post literally as an email to someone. Make sure you see their face in your mind's eye as you write. Put them in the to: part of the draft. and maybe even send it to them.

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      This advice is helpful and relatable. I come here all the time and share good content. Most of my responses are detailed in format. Pretty much like short blog posts and feels candid.

      I guess I should try to successfully apply this approach to professional blogging.

      Your way of thinking it as an email is my takeaway. So do you like think of your topic as a question and answer that briefly? Or take an existing question from somewhere (maybe a forum) and try to answer that?

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