January 14, 2021

What is your framework for closing the opportunities you create?

Jordan Succar @Jordan971

Hey friends,

as some of you know we are currently launching 12 projects in 12 weeks. So far we have been really good at getting attention and interest. But we suck at closing, particularly considering the abundance offered to us (we are really good at creating the right thing under the right angle fast). We do have a lot of people ready to pay but our current system doesn't allow us to sustain the demand without changing the actual model.

Sowing without harvesting is not sustainable.

I'd love to hear what are you tips and tricks to close as a Indiehackers when you have multiple projects under one roof.

Cheers !

For those interested, here are the current projects:

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    Thanks for sharing these! They look like legit markets (which makes sense, since you say they are willing to pay).

    What’s wrong with your model or your system?

    I also don’t fully understand if you mean “close” as in “sell” or “close” as in “abandon”.

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    I need to learn this so much. Appreciate any advice on this topic, general, specific anything.

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