Looking to Partner Up November 8, 2019

What is your motive? Philosophical app idea

Don Clark @DonClark

Thankfully, I have come to realize that we are all in this together. The challenge to us all is - can we think outside our own problem - to address a greater problem - for all of us.

What percentage of your actions is self-serving? Since we are mobile focused, I would like explore the idea of creating an app that questions our motives in any given situation. Or is there an app already out there that does this?

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    Very interesting. I have heard an analogy that Google search is where modern praying is done. That is the closest thing I can think of. I think you are on a very interesting path.

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    This is a cool idea! I’m curious how an app would work in this situation. Would you pull it up and answer some questions to evaluate your decision/action?

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      Correct. Ideally, I would like it to be that simple to use - on any type of question.

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      Correct. I think that A.I. could be used in a similar fashion. You input what your goals are, and it guides you based upon some basic questions.

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    While the idea is interesting, how would you use the motives derived from the questions asked?
    Google uses AI to partly understand the question asked by a user in order to present best results.

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      It would require the user to answer some multiple choice questions about the decision that they are trying to make. The app would then provide insights into their personal motivations, and hopefully give the user a better perspective on the best path to take.

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