What is your one-person business?

Hey everyone!

Let's get to know one another! I'm Casey, I have a newsletter called Uncovered (https://uncovered.substack.com/) where I research successful companies and extract useful information that startup and founders can use in their own businesses.

I'm not working on a SaaS product in the investing/trading arena as well.

Let's hear what you're doing below!

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    Working as one-person on join.coulf.com

    I think it'll remain one-person business. And it makes sense as it is a private community run by me, just like your newsletter.

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    Thanks for opening this post Casey. Subscribed to your newsletter as it looks interesting to me.

    I'm building https://startupbuilder.mba, a digital product based in Notion to help founders/makers test the viability of their ideas in 2 weeks before investing too much time and money.

    Happy to know your thoughts!

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      Hey Jose, I check it out that seems great! I really like the idea and it appears that you have a ton of useful help and guidance.
      Validating ideas is always a hard process but with a step by step guide that definitely will help a lot of new founders!

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        Thanks for your kind words! Anyway, this post is about you. How can we help you? Are you in twitter?

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          He has his Twitter linked twitter.com/digital_casey_ but DM is not open.

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          No problem, subscribing to Uncovered is perfect - thank you! and yeah you can find me on twitter here: twitter.com/digital_casey_ and opened up my DMs. Didn't realize they were closed - ops!

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    Hi, I'm Hossein and I'm building Formito.com, a tool to make a conversational forms (a.k.a chatbot).

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    Well, I'm one-person but having doubts about the business part. As I'm lacking these 3 crucial steps from your article;

    Right Time, Right Place
    Using Qualified Platforms for Traffic
    Learn Copywriting

    I'm gathering data from different sources to turn it into profit for myself and for the customer. I started it as a way to validate the need/interests. However it keeps me so busy that I can't move on to turn it into a business. And I didn't actually try the ways to validate it. Only shared on IH which brought me some customers and that's all.

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      Apart from your issue connecting payment processing, which you shared earlier here, what problems do you face turning your project into a real business?

      Let me also tell something, the 3 steps matter but it's not all. It doesn't matter if you didn't validate your idea at first, you can validate it now and shift to the direction your feedback takes you. Is this about Connect or The Haystack?

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        Problem starts when I need to take those steps to validate, I need to build a LP, collect e-mails, write different copies for different platforms, paid ads, keyword researches, being active on related communities... Every bit sounds overwhelming to me.

        I'm feeling comfortable when I prepare the actual work but it's never enough. Even tho I oddly managed to sell a few copies of Product Archive. (it's not even listed as a product, sold by a post on IH. I can't understand my own writing when I read it back.)

        And I totally forget The Haystack, that could've counted as a business if I take the time to build the report feature. It occasionally getting some visits. I can't say if people willing to pay for extra details.

        Connect suppose to validate and measure the interests about twitter analytics, but without sharing it everywhere I can't say if it worked or not with a few sales.

        I'm glad that payment issues are resolved even tho I didn't moved to Stripe totally, still using Ko-Fi as a shop-front.

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          You're overthinking the first part, landing pages are easy (brizy.cloud and free), put up a form it'll collect for you, why different copies? you're building many landing pages for different audiences?, why paid ads at all? you'll be just fine without them.

          "being active on related communities" - Seriously? You're a lot more active and helpful than many here, do the same in related communities.

          Choose just one project that makes you the most money, dedicate time and make it better. Even the project that didn't make any money will make some with consistent work input, it is the key. Reach out to me for any help as this thread is for something different.

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            I didn't know that tool, looking cool. "why different copies?" that's what I read in IH. They speak a different "language" on reddit and different one on ProductHunt, I tried to post once in reddit and get flagged within minutes. I just need one page but I can't come up with a single sentence that elevator pitch sentence to put it into header.

            Thanks for the compliment however you'd be surprised to see how many downvotes I'm getting per comments also many of my posts remain unnoticed.

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    I m one person too and I am working on

    Tailwind CSS templates ready to customize out of the box.
    For startups & personal use.

    This is soon changing to this because is not exactly what the customer wants.

    A bi-weekly newsletter for web developers and UI/UX designers discovering new resources and articles about the latest and relevant trends.


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      Love the web design of your newsletter landing page!

      1. 2

        Thank you man!

        Just on time I was just working on it...and thinking to invert the colors to white.

        I owe you one.

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    I am a professional development specialist, and I provide mostly consulting services (career consulting and organizational development).
    I have my newsletter (the Sabi Insight, https://thesabidot.substack.com/welcome) and I just started my community (the Tea Hut, on fb)

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    Hi @Casey, I tried to sign up to your substack but it was really tricky to sign up - instead it was more like a search function!

    So I'm Hannah and I have years of experience in media and PR. I set up www.moderndispatches.com to help founders get their first media coverage because SO many have told me how they've been ripped off by PR agencies in the past (forked out thousands and got barely any coverage).

    The main product right now is a step-by-step guide to getting media coverage. Talks you through EVERYTHING from what to say to when to call back. I hope those here find this useful - do feel free to download the guide and tell me what you think!

    Oh, and one more thing: in terms of PR, what are your top priorities? Getting media coverage? Finding guest post sites? Knowing what the best PR tools are? Building a media list/where to find contacts? Would be great to learn more!

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    Hey Casey! Would love to check out your newsletter but the link isn't working :(

    It's not quite as relevant for all IndieHackers, but I also write newsletter. I'm sharing cooking tips and fundamentals to grow your confidence in the kitchen.


    It's a small newsletter, and I've hit a bit of a plateau after getting friends and family to join. I'm doing my best to promote it better now :)

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    I create illustrations https://www.whoooa.rocks/ and https://oioi.rocks/ and 2 more sets in progress also other products on Gumroad like https://uxflow.pro/ for creating flowcharts, sitemaps in Figma/Sketch.

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      Brilliant idea. For me a challenge has been finding an easy way to get original and interesting images. will definitely sign up

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    Thanks for making this post Casey. Subscribed to your newsletter as well.

    Currently I am working as a mentor on https://codelifefitness.com/

    Writing a book on How to grow as competent developer.

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    Hey, I'm working on a fully-featured admin template using Bootstrap, Sass and Webpack. Ask me anything! https://adminkit.io/

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    Nice, I subscribed.

    I'm building a browser for developing websites on my own: Polypane

    It's a lot of work doing everything myself, but I used to own a 15 person internet agency before this and not having to worry about employees gives a tremendous amount of freedom.

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    We're both writing!

    I'm writing an eBook/eStory about how I was hired as a startup CEO, worked hard to search for product/market fit, burned 1 million funding, and recently shut down.

    I call it "How to Fail as a First-Time Founder" because I want other first-time founders to learn from my hard lessons.

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      This looks very interesting, I am feeling the heat from my first startup already.
      looking forward.

      1. 1

        Glad you can potentially find this useful and avoid some of the mistakes! Look forward to sharing the coming chapters :)

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      Nice sounds really interesting

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