May 4, 2019

What is your product and how large is your database?

Alan Bi @alanbi

I've been having difficulty estimating how large a database would be for a project idea my friend @zpChris and I are thinking about, so I thought it'd be cool to ask the Indie Hackers community to get a rough idea about how much data various types of products deal with.

If you're willing to share, what type of information do you store in your database, how many users do you have, and how big is the resulting database? Thanks!


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    HolidayAPI - 1.953 GB - Primarily user information which does include some meta / stats about the accounts. There's also a ton of request logging from days of yore that never got cleaned up (after I realized that logging that much was going to be a problem, and unnecessary for the project)

    Ginpop - 22.616 GB - All user generated content (except any images themselves). Largest table is the messages table with over 35m records. This is after a recent data cleanup effort because the site was maxing out the memory on the server.

    Honestly though, worrying about database size is probably more premature optimization than anything else. Considering there are providers out there that offer pretty much infinite storage for databases, it's a problem you can address when you're at scale and/or bleeding money.

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    Hi Alan, - Over 80.000 courses with their information (we store meta-data; not the course content itself) such as title, description, price, level of difficulty, certificate quality, number of reviews, ratings, etc.

    Not that large on the grand scheme of things (ca. 44MB) but it is the core of our product, so wanted to share it with you.

    All the best! 🙌