Community Building February 23, 2020

What kind of community do you manage?

Shun Yamada @shyamady

Let's share the communities you manage! Facebook group, Slack communities, Patreon, Telegram, or etc ... Why don't you share why you manage, what kind of contents you provide, and what issues you have?


Actually, mine is not still working...Every time the issue I have is hard to make members active.

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    I run community meetups for entrepreneurs in Beirut, Lebanon as part of a larger global community

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      Startup Grind is a huge startup community.

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    I run a Python meetup and Raspberry Pi meetup in southern California:

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      Love Python :) I wanna join!

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    I am running a business community in Greece

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    Currently working on getting one off the ground!

    I'm building and running, which is a community for marketing pros and business owners focused entirely on a/b testing, personalization, and all things growth marketing.

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    I'm working on building a community on We want to give coders a place to share the projects they build. We're small right now (a few hundred members) but growing steadily in the US!

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    I run Techstars community programs (i.e. Startup Weekend and Startup Week) in Hong Kong and Asia. I also used to work for Techstars, so it was a duo responsibility and fun

    Now I'm part of WHub - the largest startup ecosystem builder in Hong Kong and Asia as well.

    We organize events, focus group and corporate innovation programs on a regular basis. Always looking for collaboration with oversea communities :)

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    Currently running a social media and content marketing group on Facebook groups - search ‘The Content Blueprint’ part of building my list for a launch later this year

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      Sounds interesting. Do you have URL for this?

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        no problem, here you go
        Been busy on client work the past few weeks, but getting back to it

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