March 26, 2019

What kind of work do you outsource?


I’m looking for a tutorial writer for my app UI, and some tutorial video makers on Fiverr.

I’m wondering what kind of work do you outsource? May be got some recommendations for a good professional?

What marketplaces do you go to find them?

Let’s make it super useful. If you can share some work examples. (something that you get from those VAs). Price ranges. Would be great!

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    Mostly outbound marketing (I hired a VA who takes care of looking), email handling, research.

    My best advice (if you plan on using a VA): Make a Loom video of what you want done so that your VA can go and get back to it.

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    Hey Ryan. I would be interested in those too. Or at least someone to review my copy.

    I did small research on introduction videos. 1 minute video was priced at around 700-800 usd.

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    Honestly, if I don't think that I can learn something fast enough (that would also result in a good outcome), I outsource.

    Upwork has always been good to me. My upwork pro-tip is to always seek out well-reviewed freelancers and invite them to your job, rather than sifting through the ones who apply to your opening.

    It's not to say the ones who actively apply to job postings aren't good, but the ones who have steady work and therefor don't NEED to be constantly applying for openings are the caliber of freelancer I want.

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