Developers September 26, 2020

What language are subscription models built in?

SB @miawolf

Hi Devs,

I have a question and hoping that it’s worded correctly.

I want to know what language subscriptions are built on, like when you’re paying for Netflix what language are they using to do that? And when you’re paying monthly and it’s automated, is it the same language?

Can this language be used to do the opposite (unsubscribing)?

Hope this makes some typa sense :)

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    Subscriptions can be build in any programming language.

    But you don't need to build your own subscription software, there are tons of solutions ready to be used, Paypal has it, for example. It's just a matter of integrating with your software / platform.

    There are services that integrate with Wordpress, for example.

    Hope that's the info you ware looking for. Best of luck.

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      Thanks for your answer. I know there are ways to integrate a subscription model to a site without actually building it but I wanted to know what language it’s actually built on? And if that’s the same language for unsubscribing too.

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