What made you start your latest project and why?

I started pophurdle.com because I couldn't find any privacy-based alternatives for popup blockers that didn't send your data to sketchy places. So I built my own auto popup blocking chrome extension that's currently live in the store here 👉 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pophurdle-a-privacy-based/aahomkibgllnelmhgifialfohphlfjip

If you hate popups I'd love it if you could throw Pophurdle an install. It would make my day!😋

What brought you to set out on your newest endeavor?


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    I created ChromeExtensionKit because I got tired of wasting so much time on boilerplate, setup, and config on Chrome extensions.

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      How long does it take to set up a Chrome extension on average with and without your kit?

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        With the kit it would take less than a minute to get started (both with React or basic HTML/JS extensions), you essentially just pick the starter closest to what you want to achieve and you're ready to get going.

        Without the kit, that would depend on your comfort with the extension ecosystem and the manifest file. If you haven't worked with extensions before, the manifest file and getting setup locally can be challenging as there are a number of different configuration options based on what you want to build. If you want to build a React-based extension, that's typically quite time consuming regardless of your level of experience with extensions as you can't just use the regular React development server (the kit comes with one tailored to the Chrome ecosystem).

        Hope that helps!

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    I built https://mkws.sh because I felt tired of the JavaScript ecosystem and because I thought the current static site generators did too much.

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    Tag My Knowledge, because I found Evernote, OneNote etc. to be too slow and too general-purpose for my requirements. It focuses on speed, simplicity and a feed-model that reminds you of forgotten knowledge every now and then.

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    I always write //TODOs and never go back to them (https://qwoka.io)

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      Just a suggestion: I would suggest work on the colours (UI).

      I can help you if need any though 😊

      1. 1

        What do you recommend? I have been trying to go for a dark theme since developers will typically gravitate towards that than a lighter theme. The idea is to have this open along with your IDE.

        1. 1

          Agree on that. however, at some places you used black colour for text over grey/darker grey background. Black over grey doesn't pass the contrast ratio. And text hierarchy too could be given a second look.


          1. Make the text white.
          2. Make the headings little bigger and bolder

          PS: if you are looking for a designer, I don't mind helping.✌🏻

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      This is awesome! TODO typically means NEVERDO.

      1. 1

        Hahaha thanks! Yes, same problem I have always had. Let me know if you are interested in testing it out!

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    I created and open-sourced my own programming language for making video games avdl: https://notabug.org/tomtsagk/avdl

    I kept making video games on other languages, only to find out they can't compile on different platforms, or that every few months I had to update the code for a new released version of that language (looking at you Java for Android).

    I just wanted a language that describes video games in an "abstract" way, only mentioning what's visible on the screen, so it would be possible to compile them on multiple platforms without an issue. avdl is not there yet, and needs a lot of work to reach that point, but I've already started making and publishing video games with it, so it's only a matter of time.

    For anyone curious, this is the 2nd game made with that language, that I'm currently working on called "The king is gone": https://darkdimension.itch.io/the-king-is-gone

    It is made with avdl, and is currently using most of the features that the language supports.

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    I am working on a project right now that helps me automate the process of timezone conversions when talking to a distributed team on slack.
    More here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/scratching-my-own-itch-eb146fef7d

    I have implemented most of it and will be doing a beta launch very soon.

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    I created hirevise.com because I was tired of recruiters sending messages without actual job details. I have no idea how to market this, so that's the current challenge. :)

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    I created BlockSurvey(https://blocksurvey.io) during a hackathon while looking for tool to validate ideas in private and secure way.

    Adding Firefox plugin will help for PopUpHurdle, as Firefox is the go to browser today for privacy focused users.

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      Yeah, I don't know how can anyone care about privacy while using Google Chrome.

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    I created makesales.io because I wanted to help non-sales founders make sales

    1. 1

      This is a really cool product. I don’t know why but that #4 “book quality meetings” stuck with me... pretty sure it’s the bear!

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    I started Podcastmarks after needing an easy way to bookmark and take notes within my favorite podcast episodes. So a few months ago I started building and released MVP a few days ago.

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    Wanted to make cloud development easier. Trained sooo many people on how to deploy code. Had sooo much issues scaling it globally.

    Trying to simplify that at KintoHub for the last couple years... Still working on it!

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    I started https://melbado.com/ because it was hard to find early adopters and therefore feedback for another SaaS startup. And I found Product Hunt was too complicated (When should I launch, how, etc.). Additionally, I thought that PH attracts eyeballs but isn't great for getting high quality feedback.

    1. 1

      [Create Startup]
      If only it was that easy lol

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    I havent started yet, but thinking of messing around and building something with parts of the GPT-3 that are open source to generate some interesting stuff.

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    I am in the process of creating FrontFigure.com to help people perform financial valuations for their company or a financial feasibility for their idea for a cheap price, since it's a problem I have seen many people facing for the last 3-4 years.
    Should be launching MVP by mid October.

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    I'm realizing most boilerplates and codebase generators can help you get started on those generic features like database and authentication but I haven't found any providing even some sort of skeleton to get started writing tests and making sure your code is correct.

    I recently made my own React + Typescript boilerplate with basic features like SSR, database, authentication, error tracking, CI setup and most importantly tests! All kinds of tests: unit, integration and E2E tests.

    I like having alternatives to pick from so I'm building a sort of codebase generator with multiple choices for each of these features. Like Auth0 vs Firebase Auth vs Amplify Auth or Firebase Firestore vs Amplify Datastore vs Hasura and the list goes on haha...

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    I'm working on my IdeaEconomy newsletters because I love keeping up with startup ideas and trends. Curating a daily newsletter allows me to keep up with what is working and helps me discover new opportunties.

    I hope this will also be of benefit to others.

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    I created Makerlog because I wanted to build an inclusive community for makers.

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    I always got great recommendations about podcasts or episodes from friends but I always forgot about them because subscribing to a whole show just for one episode is a hassle in most apps and then you forget what's actually the one episode you wanted.

    Also I wanted to keep track of what me and my friends are listening to! ✍️

    That's why we then built: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/lastcast-fm

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    During the last 20 years I experience the roles of developer, manager and head of engineering. Doing the jump in the moment I was bored. To complete the circle I needed to create a company, so after looking back what I did in every company those 20 years, I decided to create a company to remote configure office screens ( delegatescreen.com ). You could say eager to learn or boredom :-P

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    Create https://www.indiehackers.com/product/trussdesk as we wanted a better helpdesk system with a simple UX and fair pricing. We still have a way to go at this point but we are making progress towards our initial goals.

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    I created https://www.inoffice.chat because I miss the small chat I had with my colleague when working remotely.

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    I built Designtack because I used to get annoyed when it came to creating social media content for all these different platforms.

    Turned out, so far I am the only user for it lol.

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    I just started working on Mindible, a note and blogging tool. You may say « another notes app, there are already plenty on the market » and you’re true. But none of theses combines all needed features like:

    • Web and iOS/Android apps
    • Realtime-sync between devices
    • Offline support
    • On-the-flight markdown
    • Ready-to-use templates
    • Share notes with privacy settings
    • Integrated blogging support with your markdown notes
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    I recently started RNcasts. It has bite-size video tutorials on React and React Native. It will have episodes both for people who are new to React and for experienced React developers.

    Sharing what you know is really important (as Nathan Barry explains really well in this article). I'm hoping it will help me get better as a developer (teaching is a great way to learn as well), and help me build a brand on educational React content.

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    Our current project is SOCIOMATA [sociomata.com] which helps you schedule your tweets and threads on Twitter.

    We were looking for a tool that could schedule threads on Twitter but no mainstream social media automation tool does it because of Twitter API restrictions.

    This made us believe that this is a good opportunity to build a product that schedules threads on Twitter. Our waitlist is open and you can join it to get early access to the product.

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    I downloaded it and installed it. When I went to https://wsj.com it kept logging me out and never let me read the articles. I just uninstalled it.

    1. 1

      In settings you can turn off sites that are automatically hardblocked like wsj. It does log you out and hardblock tells you when it does.

      1. 1

        Ill make it more clear in the next update!

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    Launching my product on Producthunt in few hours well this product help people to get amazing instagram growth in 3 months.

    You can check it out here

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    I created chromabill.com to help educate millennials on personal finance management. Most students struggle with money because they graduate with virtually no financial foundation. I wanted to create a way for users to learn this in a fun, intuitive, and customizable way.

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    I buitl OpenStartup.dev because I wasn't satisfied with the existing directories that lists open startups. The metrics aren't updated for a while, the list is static and probably no one is maintaining it any more.

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    I'm building Mugshot Bot because I got tired of spending so much time creating social images. Now I can plug in a URL and I get an image without any work!

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    I just built & released a simple mac menu bar app for removing common trackers from your URLs. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1528299767

    My use case is two fold:

    1. I often click on newsletter (ios, swift, js, etc) links to stay on top of news & tips. I save these links in my notes so I search for them later. These links are stuffed with trackers and I hate manually removing trackers (?utm_content, etc) from so many links so I automated it with this app.

    2. When I share or receive links with friends, I hate getting long URLs with tracking snippets. This cleans up links that I send to friends without having to think about it.

    As a web & iOS developer, I wanted to increase my skill set, so creating macOS apps is natural progression.

    (P.S. - I installed Pophurdle)

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    We want to help people. We believe that the only thing in the world that matters are people. And people are increasingly getting overloaded by all the information and lost. In OrgPad we empower people to take the full control of information, to be able to think clearly in topics and connections, instead of fighting with various overcomplicated tools and apps. We have an increasing number of users who hate computers, are affraid of everything, but absolutely love their new power of OrgPad to think clearly.

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    I'd hire you as a marketer :P , nice bait and hook

    I had the experience of working across 100's of repos with 10's of people across several teams.. and kinda repeating things.. and putting tooling to not repeat them manually... people are hard..
    I feel it's so silly us programmer repeat so many things across repos/projects...

    • There is so much around doing things better but it's so disperse we don't often use it to it's full extent

    So here comes Git Code Buddy to push "free work" into normal people's flow (so no/minimal expected discovering or learning on their account), to improve the quality of the community production as a whole

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    Recently started building JPEG.chat mostly to fill a void me and @sandbarproductions had when initially getting into photography.

    1. 2

      Communities play an important role in the way brands operate these days! Page looks nice!

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    I wanted to understand how Google fonts was made which led to fontkit.net(still working on the main app) a free and open source font management service.

  36. 1

    Had been messing around with the idea since 2017 since I wanted to programmatically find a good book to read for vacation and goodreads didn’t let me do what I wanted to. I wrote all the code to get the data to me but never ended up making a real product. Finished the website a few weeks ago to share with my friends and here we are now...


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    $, because I'd like to have some money.

    I have obstacles in the way. I need to construct a company based on somewhere EU/US just to be able to use Stripe and eventually start some real business'. So I'm doing weekend projects to save some money. Not working so far. :)

    Project itself is about Substack, where people can have custom pages for their Substack newsletters. I started it because I saw people complaining about it. But having assumptions over a weak discussion is not the way to define a problem.

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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