May 6, 2019

What makes you give up the idea?

Shun Yamada @shyamady

For a few years, I have been working on building products. Every time I close the product is when I can't keep motivation. Sometimes I do feel like doing more, sometimes I do feel like quitting soon or to give up. What is the very reason to make you quit the idea or product?

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    I was dumb enough to create a service that was based on Facebook data and other social media during the data privacy scandals, and had to quit the project after facebook implemented strict protocols to access data from users.

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      @randomTest That's too bad. We have to take care of the rules before building...

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    When I start disliking working on the product and it doesn't spark any ideas in my head to further improve on it.

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      @supershazwi Totally agree. But the product which makes me inspiring the idea isn't always success...

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        That may be true. However, the product that doesn't inspire you has a way higher chance of you failing. At least when you're inspired, you'll try your best to exhaust all avenues and opportunities before giving up.

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          I agree :) Thanks for your comment!

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    I'd suggest you change your question to get more enriching and useful answers:
    "What is the very reason to make you keep working and motivated with your idea or product?"
    This questions expands your mind and helps you to look for new ways to get what you really want instead of being focused on what you want to avoid.

    Now, I'll answer:
    What makes me wake up with motivation and energy to work on my product/idea even if I can't see instant results or when things go wrong, is the "WHY". The reason and purpose, why I'm doing it. I try to think about all the benefits and people I'll be able to help once it's finished and this keeps me motivated. If you have a real purpose behind your product and you believe in it, this will give you all the energy you need to make it happen.

    What is the "why" behind your products/ideas @shyamady ? What is the difference you are making to this world with them?

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      @AndreaArcusa Thanks for your kind advise. It's so helpful for me to ask anything next :)
      I agree with you, I should start with "WHY". This video ( reminds me anytime when I continue to build.

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        Thank you for sharing this video, I love it! Simone Sinek is awesome!

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    I discovered that some projects required much more time and energy than I originally expected, and didn't have as much potential value as I had hoped. It made much more sense to move my focus onto new projects that more potential value (and that I was more interested in).

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      @sergybro Before, I have spent around one and a half years for building. But the unit economics of this project was terrible. I should have quit soon...

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    Mostly spending 2 months building a product, making a bit of marketing and see that people really dont care :D

    I now build project that I can use, even alone :P I own (earn money with surveys) and recently (entrepreneur network). I'm using when I cant sleep to make a bit of cash and to reference every entrepreneur entities in France so I can use it for my own.

    If I dont get users on a project I spent 2 months of work, I let it alive for some weeks, if no one cares, I just stop paying the servers :D

    Now I'm considering making landing page, get users and if I have enough people interested, I build the project :) But never got that much users to landing pages xD

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      @GandalfLife Why 2months? Landing Page is not always a good validation tool for every idea. Btw, I'm curious about, registered done :)

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        2 months was my limit to build a MVP, after that, i'm out of energy ^^ (limit without any active users I mean :p)

        You're right, some projects come out without landing page, it's just a good way to start marketing your project before building it and in my opinion, that's what most people dont understand. You dont need a product at the early stage. Product is the easy part :P

        Thank you for register ! :)

        I'll keep you updated about new features for if you're interested (startup of the week, better display of cofounder research and many more :p)

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          Sure. Thanks too :)

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    I was in the same situation, you can stick to an idea and be successful after many years, but this was not what I wanted.

    I finally decided that if I can't monetize something in the first 3 to 6 months of development it's something that doesn't worth working on, this depends on each person.

    For me, it was really helpful to finally create a startup that generates revenue, focusing on simpler and more doable things.

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      @arielc Thanks for your opinion :) Increasing records is the most important to keep my motivation.

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