May 7, 2019

What milestones have you reached recently? (May 2019)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Hey indie hackers...

It is so easy to not recognise your achievements when you are in the thick of it. I think you deserve to take a moment and think back to milestones you have achieved recently! It does not matter how big or small they may seem!

What is your indie business? And what milestone have you achieved recently?


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    First $3000 day!

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      Oh, wow, that's awesome :)

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      That's great. Keep going. There are many such days upcoming sooner.

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    The most recent milestone that we have achieved last week at is successful hiring of designers and developers. As much as such things do not appear on the front page as milestones shadowed under MRR, Churn rate, Revenue numbers, etc. But hiring and employee satisfaction are also of critical importance.

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      Hiring can be so hard too, I made a few mistakes before I started getting it right. It's definitely something worth celebrating!

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        I agree. Hiring and retention, both are critically important for any startup to succeed.

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      Nice, congratualtions!

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    I grew my network by 90,383 followers across multiple social platforms in April.

    This is a big jump from my previous month which was 65,021

    I put the growth increase down to post consistency (daily), cross-promotion and my growth techniques that I've been doing every single day.

    My current network total is 2,217,456

    View the network split here

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    It's a small win, but I've finally brought traffic above 100 uniques per day for a week straight :)

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    Great idea!

    This month, I launched a podcast (interviewing founders on different aspects of sales and how they got their first customers).

    I also opened up presales for my online course (teaching founders how to do sales) and had my first participants register.

    Up 'til now, I've strictly been a 'product' guy - selling software or physical products, mainly to businesses.

    So moving into selling 'info products' to real people has been a step outside of my comfort zone to say the least ;)

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      Congrats on the podcast and course! You're so dedicated to getting things done. Inspiring!

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      So far I've listened to the @Fersh one and enjoyed it!

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      Well done Louis :D

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    We just set up our landing page for our latest design as a service company and even managed to get a few sign ups!

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    Just crossed 100GB of documents uploaded by our users. I think we've really hit PMF and how just need to focus.

    This is what one of our users said today (unprompted)

    I am enjoying Polar. I use Anki a lot. Polar WITH Anki is a game changer for me especially because I have to know huge amount of texts from different manuals as a professional pilot. The ability to make flash cards on the go and synchronize with Anki is amazing.

    ... feels GOOD to have your users love your product.

    We grew 65% last month and are on track to do it again this month.

    Fucking amazing to have your idea validated!

    App is btw... had to do the self plug :)

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    I'm working on Magnus Rush, an interactive podcasting platform which lets podcasts receive micro tips, reactions, voice messages, and feedback from their listeners in one app while listening to an episode.

    My big May milestone reached this week was the addition of an outbound email to a podcast host who's NOT in the system when a user engages with their show. Did it in a non-spammy way, with close attention paid to frequency and unsubscribe.

    This was an important milestone for me because I need to build both sides of the userbase (podcasters and listeners), and will multiply my efforts significantly over time.

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    I doubled the MRR and monthly page views from March to April for

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      What did you do to achieve that?

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        The numbers were pretty small so doubling it wasn't anything crazy.

        A lot of cold email outreach is how I've gotten the majority of my early users so far!

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    • Relaunched
    • Made 5 sales that were not by referral, as all business 25/7 Fixes previously had was by referral
    • Figured out my target market
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    Made an MVP (, now trying it to validate my product.

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    Got out of my comfort zone and created I was afraid of what people were gonna criticize and I didn't want that to define me. So, I got my first 10 users but no paid signups so far.

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        Any advice on how to convert to paid signups?

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          Create a google analytics funnel and see where the users are dropping off, it might also be a case of not enough traffic so more blog posts.

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    Super tiny milestone for me for a non-product (side project): got my first 5 email subscribers and sending my first weekly recap email tonight! (9A.M Pacific)

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      There's no milestone to small :)

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    I don't have sales to show; I'm at the build-your-audience stage!
    Recently, one post of my newsletter blew up, doubling the subscriber count in a couple of days. Knowing that you're reaching 100+ folks every week is a nice feeling and achieving this sub-goal has motivated me to double-down on my year-end goal of 1000+ subscribers. 🙂

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      Nice! You just got another subscriber hehe :) I'm in the same boat right now, just trying to provide something of value with my newsletter. Side note: your opt in box did not like my .io email address :( had to use another.

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        Thanks for notifying! :)
        Looking forward to use SaaS Genius real soon.

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    Someone who is not me is actively using a product I'm working on ( and it's working much better than I expected at this stage. Here it is being actively used:

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