January 17, 2020

What mistakes increase the final cost of developing MVP❓

Alexey Palatkin @Alexey_Palatkin

Whilst the client and dev team are supposed to be one big happy family working together towards bringing to life an MVP to test the viability of a Client’s idea for a software product, unfortunately, at times it isn't the case.

After putting all the hard work in and doing all the right things, the final result may be somewhat different from the picture-perfect that the client expected. This leaves both parties puzzled as to where and why the discrepancy has come about.

One of the reasons may be the approach to developing MVP. I’ve seen some blunt cases of failing to consider the business #hypotheses carefully, figuring out the #metrics, and expressing the #UserStories in the right format. One thing leads to another, and these mistakes increase the final cost of MVP.

One of the main issues that remain to be addressed is determining what kind of information we need to know about the client's business goals and the software product to be developed, how to measure it and how to systematize the process of obtaining such info.

In the attempt to share my knowledge with the community, I've addressed the issues in this article ✍️


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    Only one approach is critical to success: The customer must delve into all the details of the project.

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      I am totally agree with you. It sounds great, but it is not a system process.