Developers November 24, 2019

What monitor setup do you suggest for a developer?

Emanuele Ricci @StErMi

Lately, I saw a lot of setups with big widescreen + 1 side monitor (vertical) with mount. I would like to upgrade my current setup.

Which setup do you suggest, which monitors, which mounts?
Could you also add some feedback about how you feel with your current setup?

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    For budet reasons, I have a decent monitor in the middle and two cheap monitors left and right, pretty good so far.
    Dream setup would be a 4k monitor in the middle and maybe a horizontal oriented monitor at the side.

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    After using two monitors, I really don’t think there’s any way back ;-) ... I have an 27” iMac and a 27” Dell next to it. And to be honest, I seriously considered buying a third one.

    Doing a lot of work on micro services, I need to have multiple editors open, test clients, web browsers and so much more.

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    I'm using a 24inch LG ultrafine with a LG ultrafine 21.5inch in portrait beside it, works so well. I use the ultrafine because I do a lot of design work and the 4k helps a lot. Any monitor arm I've used is great and I just go for cheap ones off amazon.

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    I do all my work across multiple desktops on my 15" mbp, using gestures to quickly switch between each desktop.

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    I've got a Samsung 55" TV that I hook my laptop up to whenever I do programming (both for work and for my side projects). I also have a desk right in front of the TV so that I can use (almost) the same size font on both screens and see a whole lot more on the TV. I put programming-related apps on the TV and keep my websites/Slack on my laptop so that it's easy to do research and code at the same time. Honestly, I love the set up and wouldn't change it for anything.

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      you mean a real tv so not a pc screen? do you feel any difference between a pc screen?

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        Real TV, yep yep. I mostly work on back-end code so I can't speak for the difference in image quality and whatnot between the TV and a PC screen, but compared to my Mac laptop the TV has better quality image and sound. I imagine the difference between the TV and PC screen would be more drastic for front-end development.

        EDIT: For additional context, the TV is 4k. Here's the setup in case if it's hard to envision:

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