What next after Product Hunt launch?

On 23rd Feb I have launched Remotejobhuntbuddy.com on Product Hunt.

The launch went average, my product garnered 45 votes.

Stats of the launch day

120+ unique visits

45 product hunt votes

6 users signed up and none of them converted to paid user.

One request from recruiter regarding post job feature.

Two users pitched me about their beta listing sites. They asked me to list my saas product on their site.

After the launch day, I see there is a big drop in the traffic to the site.

I want some help in following areas

  1. Are there any product listing sites similar to product hunt.
  2. How do you guys drive traffic to your website.
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    The focus should be on business development: content marketing, email marketing, social media markting, etc. There're very few quick and easy ways.

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      Thanks for the suggestions

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    1. Here are a couple lists I've seen for places to post your startup:

    2. For driving traffic there are lots of ways you can do this. One of the best ways I've found is posting on social media and forums like Reddit or IndieHackers. The key is to share something that is valuable to your audience and then offer them even more value by coming to you website.

    Another option is blogging and SEO. This can take a lot longer to build organic traffic but with enough time and effort it can drive steady traffic to your website. Search for articles about content marketing and SEO for more on how to get started.

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      Thank you for the suggestions.

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    Betalist work pretty well too.

    But in the end there is no secret, you have two choices:

    • Spend a LOT of time with free marketing: build good content, engage in communities, send a ton of personalized cold email and DM, build nice free side marketing project to promote your own project.
    • Spend money in paid marketing: Facebook ads, Google ads. blog partnership

    In your case to build an affiliation program can work pretty well too :-)

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