What no-code tools do you use and how much does it cost you per month?

We're curious to see what no code tools people use to and how much their monthly bill is.

  • What no-code tools do you use?
  • And how much is it costing you per month?
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    Webflow I think for everything I have its about $50 a month.

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    I created Commun, a zero-code platform for creating scalable backends for communities and user based apps.

    It's open source and free (MIT license)

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    I use Figma to rapidly prototype products without code. IT'S FREEEEEE!

    You can either create a prototype of the interactions that you want users to take within your app/product and send out the prototype to users, OR you can make a video of you walking through your own prototype.

    I used this method to get 200 pre-orders for my Adobe Illustrator Extension.

    Here's an example of a walkthrough video:

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      Seems the video is password protected @mbrunygroth

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        Thanks! I removed that restriction. The video is public now :D

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    Static sites built in Middleman or Hugo, deployed on S3 with CloudFront.
    Payments for things with Trolley (obviously, it's my product!)
    Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Sheets, Buffer.

    Total monthly bill < $50.

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    Zapier is a must, costs $0

    I use IFTTT too, costs $0

    I use Carrd as well, costs $19/yr I think

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    Bubble + Integromat all day long.

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    Zapier: $20/mo
    Carrd: $25/yr = $2/mo
    Airtable: $0
    Slack: $0

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    I use Formito.com (my own product) for support purposes on the free plan.
    I develope my own landing pages and host them on GCP. So pretty free as well but looking forward to finishing Pageam.com for SaaS and use this one for my future landing page designs.

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    Sharetribe, costs about 140 a month after taxes
    Slack, free tier
    Zapier, free tier
    Doodle, free tier

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    • Carrd, $19/year (I use this for three different websites)
    • Webflow, $0/mo (I'm in the process of figuring out which plan to go with)
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    Webflow $16 / month 🖤

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Tools that help founders who don't know how to code; makers. ship products faster and scale faster and succeed or fail faster..

      These include but not limited to app makers adalo.com,glide and website builders carrd.co ,webflow ,bubble ,boundless, member stack etc

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