No-Code December 8, 2020

What NoCode is used by 10K MRR/month success stories?


Recently I searched for success stories on IH and checked which NoCode, tools and external services they are using.

For example, what magic tech enabled @dru_riley to rise 11K MRR in less than 3 months with during the past summer? Well, surprise surprise it is one of the quick & easiest Landig Page Builder in the space: Carrd, in combination with Gumroad for payments.

$6K MRR in three months and then 10K in five sounds good right? Yep, this is the story of @Kevcon80 who made it with He used the well known One-page Website Builder Landen (now Umso), with Stripe to support the payments.

$200k revenue in less than a year is the amazing success of @bentossell with the most popular community learning no-code resource, the amazing which is made with Webflow, the Responsive Website Builder, with MemberStack and Stripe supporting payments, plus an impressive list of "other toys" like Firebase, OpenResty, Apollo GraphQL frameworks and wigets like Embedly, Airtable, GeoIPLookup, AddThis and the list is endless believe me.

I put everything together in a Notion board and make it public → link

Feel free to add your own.

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      I just read your amazing interview at Starter Story on how you got $10K/Month with No/Low Code Agency. I think it could be inspiring for many people here on IH No-Code channel.

      Interestingly, you build the Agency landing page using Carrd and Stripe, which is great really, then you build apps for your clients with Glide, plus a lot of other tools like Asana, PandaDoc, Calendly, CloudApp, Buffer, Integromat and Zapier.

      May I ask you how do you guys keep up with all the new tools that are coming up almost every week in no-cade space?

      Is there some new tool that blow your mind now, like Glide did it to you at the beginning?

      Thanks for you valuable insight.

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        To be honest, I don't keep up on all the new tools. The shiny object syndrome can kill and solo/small business, since there are too many new platforms coming out every other day.

        Our goal (now that we're the largest agency building Glide apps in terms on volume) is to be the Known as the absolute best in Glideapps. The go to agency when you need an all built in Glide. That's why while I always have an open eye for platforms that we can integrate to Glide, I'm not really trying out any other tools.

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          Oh, great entrepreneurial wisdom. I'll keep it in my mind that shiny object syndrome.

          If I can tell that in another way: NoCode is not the end but the means

          Well done with LowCode Agency !

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            Thanks buddy, it has been quite the journey!

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          This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    Cool list ! Can I add my own startup ?

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      Sure, the file is on Notion and it is public and editable.

      Feel free to add your own project. You are welcome.

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