What nocode platform to build my web app?

I am trying to build a webapp with authentication (with user role management), conditional data access (each client needs to access only its data), data submission and modification (we or our clients need to be able to add / modify data). Also being able to send email notifications on database update.

So far the best candidate seems to be Bubble but I was wondering if you had other solutions in mind?

Thanks a lot for your help

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    I think Bubble is the way to go. I really haven't seen another platform with their capabilities (except for Retool for internal apps).

    A lot of our clients built their apps in Bubble and every day I'm amazed at what they achieved with a "no-code" solution. I quote "no-code" because most end up needing to do API Connector integrations, so a touch of coding is involved.

    Also the Bubble Forums are solid and a great community. If you have a question an expert often quickly picks it up.

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      great, thanks for the feedback @gbourne

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    I've built quite a few of these. In Glide. As long as you don't need crazy dashboards, Glide provides a great UI.

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      I totally agree with you on that one @eltintero. I used it a few times but forgot its name and I've been looking for that name for a few days now, thanks a lot ;)

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    Hi @Antoinedv,
    I am in the same boat there, I checked quite some of them I got into Bubble also. I would say depends a lot on the type of App that you look for but Bubble is the swiss knife from my research. But like they say in the comment it has it has limits and you might need to get anyways into low-code with the plugins builder.

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    From what you say, clearly with Bubble! You have a lot of flexibility, it is very fast and easy and above all you can scale it with very few resources.

    No doubt Bubble is the best!

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    Plus one for Bubble here. I've found it to be the most powerful, yet still simple to understand in building my web app.

    Designing is pretty easy on it too. Happy to share my knowledge on it if you need!

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      thank you @huttie, that's nice of you. Can you share a link or screenshots of what you built with Bubble?

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    Yeah. Bubble is good. Others are far behind (and might close/pivot/never improve).

    Some of their contemporary competitors (who may succeed), are more geared towards a specific vertical - such as ecommerce

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      I totally agree, thank you @CCHackr. About verticals, do you know competitors that are specific to saas?

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        Can't say off top of head

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    Hey @Antoinedv, Great use case. I would like to refer to an open-source low code tool https://appsmith.com which is built keeping use cases like yours as the target problems. They have a cloud version and also you can self-host this.

    Features like User role management, ACL, Authentication are provided out of the box here and you do not have to worry about any infrastructure as well. You can easily connect any number of data sources (databases SQL & no noSQL) and APIs to your UI as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Ill be happy to help you out :)

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      Thank you @somangshu, Appsmith seems really nice but a little bit too developer-centric for what I had in mind. Apart from that, the software seems amazing.

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        Hey @Antoinedv, thanks for the reply, Could you help me understand developer-centric? And how could it be useful to you? Any small example would be helpful for me.

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          @somangshu what I meant is when I first had a look at the landing page and videos, I thought that the product needed to be used by developers. For example in the video in the first few seconds, you see someone writing a query. That's basic for developers but not for most product owners.

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            That is correct @Antoinedv, We are a low code tool and as a platform try to minimize the effort required to build and maintain an app, Specially the one used for internal processes in an organization.

            Please let me know if you need any help in regards to this platform, ill be happy to help you out :)

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    if you are not ok with your data being tied down to the platform (bubble) and are happy for take on a higher learning curve than bubble, check out Wappler (wappler.io).

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      Thank you @nshkrsh, I'll check it out.

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    Curious, any Bubble apps I can see?

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    Hi there,

    You can check out our platform Softr.io. It has user management and conditional data access (https://docs.softr.io/memberships), and data modification will be available within the next few weeks (as of now, users can submit data via forms).

    Email notifications can be implemented with tools like Zapier/Integromat.


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      thanks @narekb, I heard about your platform on Product Hunt, I will definitely have a look at it.

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        You're welcome. Let us know if you have any questions.

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      Plus one as far as types of apps this supports. I didn't see a tinder example, but that would be great.

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    Hey, @Antoinedv

    I'm making a No-code/Low-code Saas UI builder that can be hooked up to any backend. I found that Bubble had an extremely overwhelming and complex UI, I want to make the design faster and simpler, and specifically for Saas apps.

    If that sounds like something that could help you, subscribe to our list here!

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      thank you @owenthurm, I subscribed to the list. Do you have other screenshots of your product? It means that I need to develop a backend or do you recommend a specific backend?

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        You can use anything with an API for the backend, something like https://supabase.io, or even airtable as a backend works.

        No screenshots yet, 1 day in developing the tech lol. Follow me on Twitter @owenthurm1 if you're interested in me #BuildingInPublic

        Thanks for subscribing to the list! I will not dissapoint.

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      Good points here. No-Code in order to be all-inclusive will get more complex over time... Hence job security for coders :D

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        Yep Complexity vs. Flexibility.

        I want to find the right tradeoff. This is not for everyone, just Saas UI's

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