Self Development August 4, 2020

What notes would you write to your younger self?

Leo Nagano @Leo

I can start. To my younger self:

  • Look for a meaningful life
  • Focus on your health
  • Make good friends
  • Be helpful and selfless

Curious to know what advices would you give to your younger self?

  1. 4
    • Don't be shy & tell about your projects
    • Seek for good friends
    • Be consistent
  2. 3

    be you earlier. (and spend time journalling/exploring to figure out who that is)

  3. 2

    Don’t start a business to make money. Start one to help people.

  4. 1

    In 2014 on a hill side in Umbria, you venture down a hidden road. Duck.

  5. 1

    To my younger self:

    It's ok. Everyone will regrets somethings, happy for somethings.
    But keep doing your best.

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