Landing Page Feedback March 24, 2020

What one thing could improve my Landing page?

Valentin Hinov @ValCanBuild

I just launched the landing page of my latest project, Thankbox. I'm hoping to collect some emails as a way of judging interest while building out the simple MVP.

I would love to get some feedback on it from the IH community. To help with the feedback - could you tell me what one thing could be improved on it?

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    I like this, really thoughtful and useful for many occasions.

    The most important improvement I'd suggest is clearer messaging on the cost i.e. why should I use your product rather than a free version. There may be good reasons for this but I'm not seeing this clearly detailed.

    Happy to share further feedback if you like :)

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      Thank you for the kind words - when you say "rather than a free version" is there some specific product you're referring to?

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        No problem :) I mentioned a free version in my review yesterday as I came across this provider when I did a quick search yesterday - although I didn't look in great detail or compare features so this may need to be considered further.

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        I just came across this product on Product Hunt so I thought it'd be worth sharing with you. I know it's not the exact same offering as Thankbox however I thought I'd share as it highlights the benefits in a good way e.g. integration with Slack.

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          Yes - I saw that one, too - looks quite nice. I'm really not surprised (though a bit worried) that so many of these products are appearing around the Covid-19 crisis. At the end of the day - whatever helps brings a bit of joy into teams and groups of remote friends is a good product and some competition in the space would be healthy.

          Integration with Slack is definitely something that we could consider later on, though - that's smart.

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            Yes, it's certainly not surprising about the timing! You've got a great product though so I'd still suggest getting it out there to users and tweaking features if/when needed.

            All the best :)

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              Thanks, really appreciate your help and feedback, again!

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    Very cute execution. Nice landing page @ValCanBuild

    Improvement: Would be nice to see the real GIF on your website

    Keen to know your feedback on my revamping site too :)

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      I'm a sucker for clean, monochrome designs so I love it. I also think its a pretty cool product - whenever I've had to make Keynotes I've just used the Apple default themes. Never really thought to look for a custom one that would make it stand out. Bookmarking your site ;)

      In the spirit of the question I asked, here's one thing you could improve - you have a bunch of logos below your "Get Free Template" button - TedX, Startup School, etc... Are those supposed to be where you were featured? Or where you could use the product? It's a bit confusing since they aren't links and am not sure what they represent.

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    This is a great idea! A few ideas from my side:

    1. It would be awesome to see a few example cards. Right now it still seems a little bit abstract, even with the screenshot above.
    2. Once you have a bit of traction, having a counter which shows how many thank you's have been shared might be really nice as well.
    3. Could there be a free version for non-profit or open source or something? This could be one marketing funnel which then expands.

    Best of luck and have a lot of fun building this!


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      Thanks for your kind words - really nice to see that people generally like it.

      Yep - definitely planning on adding some example cards when we get that read.

      Counter of created Thankboxes is an awesome idea - thanks!

      Regarding a free version - yeah I've been giving this some thought and it could be a channel to pursue to get more traction once the MVP is out. The main cost of the product is collecting contribution amounts from other people so we could do a version with that disabled or something - that is free.

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    I find the background in the top box is bit distracting from the text
    Could increase the spacing between lines a little bit, just feels a bit too close

    So a ThankBox is that entire screen that people can post messages right? The definition was a bit unclear to me

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      Yes - I am planning to add a "see example" button on it once I have it designed so it helps people clear it up. Thanks for your feedback!

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    This is a really cool product. I don't like the language "actually enjoyable" for product like this. It feels really negative/snarky, while your project and branding are very delightful. Stick with simply "enjoyable" or perhaps "downright enjoyable".

    Your header and body copy in the descriptive sections are too light. Choose black or an off-black like #333.

    Pricing should be higher. Should be just after the "How it works" section. Definitely should be higher than the "Eco Credentials" section.

    More screenshots of the product would be nice.

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      Thanks so much for this 🙏. Your advice on the language is super true - I shall fix it. I'll go with "downright enjoyable" for now.

      Will also look at the text colors

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        Updated to reflect. Thanks again @lexhaynes

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    I like the design. Looks clean and easy to read. The most important improvement I would suggest is to state why should I use this rather than alternatives (e.g., facebook, slack, email, internal company tools). Even though you showed that it's pretty easy to use, the cost of learning a new thing is pretty high, and I don't yet recognize the problem with existing tools.

    Best of luck with this.

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      Good point. One idea I have for this is that one we have an MVP I'll have a "see example" button where people can actually see how a Thankbox looks.

      When you say "I don't yet recognize the problem with existing tools." what tools are you referring to? Would be really helpful to know.

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