January 14, 2020

What open source license do you use and why?

Adam Miedema @armgitaar

I am looking to add a license for an open source project I am working on - a web framework using Kotlin. I am trying to decide between Apache or MIT but am not sure which to use.

For those that have an open source project - what did you end up using and why?


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    Honestly - you can't go wrong with either. I usually pick MIT, but that's just a preference (for brevity). That being said, Kotlin language itself is hosted under Apache.

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    I usually use the MIT licence because it's the least hassle for everyone involved if you want to be permissive about what people and businesses are allowed to do with your software.

    That said, the GPL, particularly in its AGPL flavour, can be interesting if you want to build a business model around open source software (think dual licensing).

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      I'll second that!

      I usually go with MIT, but I have no experience with building a business model around an open source product...

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    It's not an easy question, I think it depends on your goals and perhaps on your ethical / philosophical beliefs

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      True! My thought is mainly that I want people to use the open source project and not have to wonder much about what they need to do in order to be compliant but also something that protects me from liability. It seems MIT is easier to understand generally and is common enough to provide protection...

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        So I think you have found your answer :)

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