What other communities like Indie Hackers are out there?

I love Indie Hackers. I was wondering what other communities people are involved in that are very similar.

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      Just wow. Great share ( and the reason there might be no communities like IH ;) )

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        Granted @BartBoch. @indiehackers may not be in a class of its own but it doesn't too long to call the register!

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      Great list! Had no idea all these site exists haha

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        Thats just the tip of the iceberg as those are independent sites. Platforms across Reddit, Discord, Facebook all have their own subsets. Drop me a lien if you need info about the platform based lots!

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      You should post this 🤩

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    I haven't found anything quite like IH, but there are some good sub reddits like r/Entrepreneur with similar content.

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    There is MakerLog which I really enjoy! They also have a slack channel.

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      Yep, MakerLog and wip.co might be closest to IH.

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    that was a pretty cool one. i think you have to be invited with a link. its a video chat platform with similar interests. dont miss chats you agree to or you get booted like i did

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    SureSwift (we buy + grow SaaS products) has a free monthly newsletter called Founder's Squad (sureswiftcapital.com/join) where we share founder stories from bootstrappers and tips/advice from running our own portfolio of co's. We also co-sponsor the Founder Summit (foundersummit.co) with the Calm Company Fund, which is an online community of 400+ founders and growing.

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