Podcasters October 11, 2020

What Podcasts are you listening to?

Tom Senior @tomsenior

First post but i'm 100% addicted to reading and following everyone's start-ups and ventures on IH.

I've listened to all of the Indie Hackers podcasts (thanks @csallen ) and always look forward to the latest bootstrapped founder talking about how their business started.

I also keep up with Nathan Latkas Top Entrepreneurs because i love the numbers and of course the grilling.

I'm wondering what other SaaS podcasts everyone listens to?

Anything similar to these 2 ?

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    Startups for the rest of us
    Art of Product
    Build your Saas
    Making Sense by Sam Harris

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      Thanks so much, just listened to the lastest episode of Start Ups for the Rest of Us, and thats great, exactly what im looking for! And theres 500+ eps !

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    I don't really listen to that many startup themed podcasts except "Startups for the rest of us".

    Other than that, I like:


    ... and many in my native language.

    Some of those, like Changelog, Full Stack Radio sometimes features bootstrapped people and their ventures. Others like Rework and Founders Talk are all about founders and bootstrapped business.

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    Here are my top podcasts

    1. How I build this by Guy Raz
    2. Saastr with Harry S & Jason Lemkin
    3. twenty minute VC with Harry S
      4 The SAAS podcast with Omer Khan
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    Here a few of my favorite start-up/marketing/growth related podcasts:

    20 - 30-minute:
    🎙️ Confessions of a B2B Marketer by Tom Hunt
    🎙️ The GrowthTLDR by Kieran Flanagan VP Marketing at HubSpot
    🎙️ Growth Lessons by Kieran Ball
    🎙️ Growth Marketing Toolbox
    🎙️ Forward Thinking Founders By Mat Sherman

    🎙️ Everyone Hates Marketers by Louis Grenier
    🎙️ More Cheese Less Whiskers by Dean Jackson
    🎙️ Churn.FM by Andrew Michael
    🎙️ Indie Hackers

    For quick hits of marketing adrenaline (7-10 minutes):
    🎙️ Marketing School by Eric Siu & Neil Patel


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      Thanks so much! My commutes 30 minutes so theyll be perfect !

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    Startups for the Rest of Us - probably the longest running bootstrap podcast out there.

    SaaS Boss - just started listening to this; very actionable suggestions. Not necessarily bootstrapping.

    Seth Godin's Akimbo - a fresh, bigger picture way of thinking about giving back to build momentum.

    This Week In Startups; polar opposite end of the spectrum. Nice to have the extremes to balance some of the feedback.

    Startup - classic Gimlet creative podcast about starting a startup podcast company.

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      Check out TechZing. It's been going since 2009.

      It's super rambling but includes interviews with Patrick Collison, Travis Kalanick, Jason Calicanis, Amy Hoy, Patio11, Gabriel Weinberg and Jessica Mah before they were nearly as well known as now. I think Rob Walking was on it five times as well and one of the cohosts named Drip on the show!

      The archive also covers the early years of Uber and what may become the most influential children's math academy in the world.

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    The Indiehackers and the FreeCodeCamp podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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