February 19, 2019

What podcasts are you listening to?

Noah Green @NoahGreen

#ask-ih I'm always looking for something great to listen to on my way into work at paddle.com.

Please recommend!

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      Ahh amazing :) I love a good podcast talking about SaaS - Have you checked out the SaaSClub ?

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    In addition to the podcasts already mentioned on this thread, here are some more I have been enjoying:

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      Thanks :) I'll have a look

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    I listen to a ton of podcasts, but here are some of my favorites!

    If you are interested in Voice Tech (Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Bixby) and Voice apps, I host the Voiciety Podcast!

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      Thanks Seth! I'll defintiely check out your one :)

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    The Knowledge Project
    The Monday Morning Podcast
    The Church of What's Happening?
    Making Sense
    This American Life

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      Nice! Crazy how I haven't heard of any of these before :)

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        They're not business or tech podcasts, that's probably why!! 👍

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    Seth Godin podcast is my favorite. I listened to 7 or 8 of his first episodes and it is really great.

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      I love his books just fantastic

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    The Gently Mad (seems to be discontinued, but it's worth listening to the old episodes)

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      Nice! Will go back and take a listen! I have so much on this list now

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    Indie Hackers podcast

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      I didn't know they had a podcast, nice will take a look.

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    Massive fan of Foundation by Kevin Rose. Bit of a throwback but the first episode which is an interview with Jack Dorsey is a good example of how great the podcast is. :)


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      Ahh awesome, anything with Jack Dorsey deserves a listen

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    I don't listen to many podcasts, but lately I've quite enjoyed Anatomy of Next.

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      Amazing! Thanks for linking it :)

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      Nice I'll take a look :)

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        :) Do give feedback

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    Okay here goes - straight from my Overcast account:

    • The Tim Ferriss Show
    • Learn to Code With Me
    • Code Newbie
    • Indie Hackers (of course)
    • Syntax. Web Development
    • The Peter Attia Drive (I'm a health & fitness nut)
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      I love the Tim Ferriss Show! Is this list in order of your fave? Or random?

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        Hey Noah, there is no particular order. I love the Tim Ferriss show too. He also has an amazing Newsletter called 5 Bullet Friday which I can recommend.

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