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What Problem Is Your Startup Solving?

Sai @SaiVas

Hey all,

Could you describe what problem is your startup solving? and a link to your product/business.

Pls ike this post so that more people can see and share..

Sharing mine here

How's It Like? - Enabling job seekers to find jobs and companies through culture

Probstack - Helping makers discover problems that are worth solving!


  1. 12 — It's important for you to know when your projects are mentioned online. (Every mention is an opportunity!) But right now, your choices are either Google Alerts (which only scans major news outlets, and is often just broken) or enterprise media monitoring tools (which cost $500+/mo). Lensant bridges the gap by providing high quality media monitoring at a more affordable price point.

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      I like how clearly you communicate the value of your product on your landing page, I need to step up my game in that regard.

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      Love it! Gonna use it for Mailist!

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        Awesome! Reach out if you need any help.

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      Love the design as well - just signed up!

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        Great! Please reach out if you need anything!

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        Thanks! I have some improvements coming for it, too...!

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      Excellent landing page! I do a lot of work in the enterprise media monitoring space, and not much fills the niche you are going after. Best of luck!

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      Awesome! Very helpful!

  2. 6 - Developed by traders for traders, we got sick of setting limit orders when going to bed and hoping for the best. Our service will call you when your alert goes off. You can set alerts on over 10K stock tickers & crypto and you can set customized alerts with trigger types like price limits, price changes, SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD, Gold & Death crosses, and way more!

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      Is the idea that instead of setting a limit order, I set the alarm so that I will be called and then I can login and see if I still like the conditions for the trade? It seems like the only new feature this unlocks over a limit order is the chance to re-evaluate the trade in the moment. Is that a common thing? Asking sincerely. I am unfamiliar with overnight trading.

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        Hey, no worries and great questions.

        Yes, the basic premise is to set up a condition that monitors a stock for you so you can decide when to enter/exit a position (as opposed to just setting a limit order). So why would you want to do this instead of just setting a limit order? Sometimes stocks rise with extreme momentum and they could blow through that limit you set, in that case, you've technically missed out on an opportunity to make even more money.

        Also, we offer more complex triggers such as gold & death crosses as well as RSI oversold & overbought alerts. These allow you to have a much better grasp of whats going on with the market.

        I hope this answered your questions!

        1. 1

          Makes sense. Thanks for the information. The momentum argument seems reasonable to me. Though, I must admit, I have been burned probably just as much thinking "I'll ride this momentum for a bit" and then it reverses, versus money left on the table :) Anyways, good stuff. Thanks.

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    Crowdheavy - A remote user testing and usability platform. Watch videos of real people interacting with your website. Your first test is freeeeeeeee

  4. 6 - We are developing brand new, original board game-like games that you can easily play over virtual hangouts or on the go. We are trying to make hanging out and playing fun, strategy games with friends as easy as possible.

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      Your ConvertKit app isn't working

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        Hmm I just tested it and it appears to be working now, do you remember what the error message was?

        Feel free to email me at justin(at) and I will make sure to add you to the beta list. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Divjoy - We help devs build 10x faster by giving them a custom React codebase and UI. Everything works out of the box, including forms, analytics, authentication flow, database integration, serverless functions, and more.

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    Episolo - Helping solo founders to be successful by connecting them with affordable startup mentors

    Incubator List - Helping startups to find the best incubator & accelerator for them

  7. 4

    At - we are building an ecosystem where students will learn, work and earn

  8. 4

    So much time is wasted when starting up a new SaaS business. It already takes a lot of time to do customer research and development, but then every new app has to figure out the basics - user creation and authentication, subscriptions, team management, analytics, etc.

    And I frequently hear founders on blogs and podcasts implementing the same basic features and calling them out as big wins for their customers. Password reset emails, the ability to retrieve a list of invoices, team management. But none of this is their core business!

    Nodewood is an attempt to scratch my own itch - I always need a foundation to build from for every new SaaS I work on - but also something I think other founders would find useful. I'm focusing on being easy to get started with, but also flexible and powerful enough to continue to work with it as your business grows.

  9. 4 makes it easy to manage multiple simultaneous projects, remotely.

  10. 4 - Create, design and manage your promotional content.

  11. 3 We are developing a design tool that makes it easy to analyze and review digital products based on multiple heuristic systems. We use it every day in our team and we can not wait to share it with the IH community. We just opened beta so feel free to apply for it.

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    We are developing Veripazz: an alternative of SMS OTP for mobile verification ( We provide a library so that developers can perform face recognition and liveness detection on their application.

  13. 3 - user feedback and feature voting platform, that automatically gives you a public roadmap based on the tags you give suggestions.

  14. 3 - we solve the naming problem for products, companies ... and everything a name needs.


    The Name Finder Toolbox

    The NameRobot Toolbox offers over 150 name generators and practical tools to work on the perfect name



    Check company and brand names - faster than ever before



    The naming AI

    Namefruits’ clever Name Assistant takes care of the complete naming process for your business idea: collecting suitable words, finding and checking name ideas. You don't have to do anything except answer simple questions. Hit the ground running with a truly unique name for your business.

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    Great question!

    Here's my lil twitter pitch that talks about the problem (and solution) in less than 240 characters: 👇

    It takes a long time listing items on Ebay, Posh, & Mercari manually. Spred helps you save time by allowing you to upload + sell your items everywhere.


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    Plausible Analytics

    Google Analytics and similar web analytics are overkill for many:

    They're difficult to understand and find value in from all the metrics they present
    They use bloated scripts that may slow down the site
    They're collecting a lot of personal data which means you need consent for GDPR and other privacy regulations
    They use cookies so you need a cookie prompt too

    Plausible is open-source, has a modern dashboard, simple metrics to use/understand, lightweight script of 1.4 KB, doesn't use cookies and doesn't collect personal data so compliant with GDPR etc. See

  17. 3 - Failing software projects happen all the time, also for non-technical reasons. You can build data‑driven web applications on our no‑code platform. We optimize for delivering a working product quickly. Because validation should happen sooner rather than later.

  18. 3 is helping creators grow their email list thanks to a highly engaging subscribe form.

  19. 3 - We Test You Develop! We test your product so that it never breaks in your users hand. A Testing As A Service platform

  20. 3 - Developed as the result of scratching our my itch. I needed a solution that allowed me to present my customers with beautiful changelogs, the ability to quickly provide feedback and have some widgets to notify them about updates when they visit my site.

    There are a few existing solutions out there but they can get quite pricey because they lock the useful features behind "Enterprise" plans instead of everyone having access to them so I'm working on building a fair solution where every plan has access to all features and pricing is quantity/usage based.

  21. 3 - helping architects, engineers, consultants, builders and tradespeople in the construction industry to distribute and collaborate on their drawings remotely. Currently the industry uses email, Dropbox, very expensive enterprise products or a couple of competing SaaS products but we've made most of the platform free. You can optionally buy a couple of modules to enhance the experience but the core mission to help teams distribute their drawings is 100% free - something our competitors aren't doing.

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    Too many apps to explore and organise.

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      Really nice landing page.

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    Create and embed stories into any website!

    👉 Highlight your products & offers
    👉 Increase time on site
    👉 Reduce bounce rate
    👉 Generate more engagement

    Free Trial: (No credit card required)

  24. 3 - Learn how to build web apps/online businesses without code.

  25. 3 - Better product search across all e-commerce websites. Type like you speak and search by image.

  26. 3 - Dependabot for "normal softwares" like Node.js or Openssl. We notify you when e.g. Nodejs releases a new version. You don't need github, we also plan support for bitbucket and gitlab.

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    YEN — We help founders grow their starter community around their new project.

    ... that'll do, for now! i iterate on this all the time.

  28. 3 has written an app that stores your data from different places. Using that central data, we build dashboards that make it easier to run your business.

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    Nice initiative!

    Day-time work - AngelHub: We invest Seed - Series A stage startups globally via an equity-based investment platform

    Side project - Zlides: Another presentation templates (Yes, and it's great) to help you attract investors, customers and talents

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    Teams face difficult risky decisions all the time: Should we launch Product A or Product B? Should we invest in more R&D or not? Should we pursue a risky project with big upside potential, or stick with a reliable low value one?

    In the face of seemingly incomprehensible decision problems, resorting to "gut instinct" approaches is all too common. Preaching rational decision making is easy, but practising it?

    The problem: making hard decisions is hard. Organizations can't expect their teams to make consistently high quality decisions if they don't have access to the right decision making tools.

    Enter Prenario: intuitive visual decision planning and insight tools that empower teams to uncover scientifically smart decisions in even the most complex and risky situations.

    Prenario - Tools for smarter decision making

  31. 2 - first off we’re not a software/tech company but I’m still a huge fan of this community!

    Vessel Athletics is an innovative activewear brand for runners. Our product, the Hydroshirt, integrates a removable hydration pack inside of our shirts to create a lightweight, hands-free & slosh-resistant solution to staying hydrated throughout your runs.

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      This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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        Thanks! Will definitely check it out.

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    I like your video!

    Betmingo: We developed a mobile app that provides updated table bet minimums and more for popular casino games in Las Vegas!

  33. 2 helps you read what you saved for later. By sending personalised newsletter composed from your saved bookmarks.

  34. 2 - We are building an investment product to provide funding to idea stage and side-hustle entrepreneurs

  35. 2 — I'm building a small platform to generate fully managed REST APIs (and in the future also matching client code). My motivation is to minimize the time spent on repetitive coding tasks and still have a nicely documented API with properly typed client code that I can still work with even after not looking at my project for a couple of days ;)

  36. 2 - we provide families, and the professionals that support them, with the confidence and peace-of-mind that their financial decisions will be successful long-term. whatifi is a highly visual, spreadsheet and formula-free, financial scenario builder. A user can build, share and collaborate on multiple financial scenarios and then calculate the best path through those results.

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    For A Piece - Remote programmer jobs with equity as part of compensation. We think 0.5-3% equity is needed to create an alignment between employer and employee to want to grow together.

  38. 2 – Trainers and Athletes communication.

  39. 2 - enabling clients to reach an MVP faster through a subscription based design & dev model

  40. 2 - A browser extension which let's you inspect element by just hovering over it. Hoverify consist of a bunch of tools which makes web design a smoother experience.

  41. 2 - UpMock helps designers to create beautiful 3D mockups in minutes. No more need to learn hard-to-use 3D software.

  42. 2 - Helping new freelancers easier get started with time tracking, project and customer relationship management as well as invoicing and contracting by collecting everything in one intuitive and easy(That is what Im aiming for at least) to use tool.

  43. 2

    viboa - (will soon launch my landingpage) -
    VIBOA is a personal development app that helps people find out who they want to be and supports them on the way to becoming that person. The user is given the opportunity to define goals, structure them and build them into smaller, more tangible goals, design them with pictures, define motivations and reflect and question themselves through given questions. To show role models and inspirations, to look at successes, to acquire new habits with a Habit/Routine Builder as well as to connect with friends to get the best out of oneself. The core of the app is that the person learns to coach himself and build his life as he wants it to be.

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    We believe that a brand is all about the people who love it.

    Presenting, a new social media platform Invocial where people stand a chance to earn the reward by brands. Just follow some easy steps.

    👉Here's how -

    1. Sign up on Invocial.

    2. We are introducing a new concept where people get a chance to connect with the brands directly.

    3. Start posting photos using any of the merchandise of a brand that you love, i. e., gadgets, t-shirts, jeans, etc. and tag the brand name along with the caption of the post.

    4. If the post reaches a certain number of 💓likes, the post will be recognized and considered by the brand itself.

    5. The people finally get a chance to win some exciting rewards by brands.

    We hate advertisements what about you?

    Get it here 👉

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    Https:// - Where do people go that can’t afford lawyers and have no legal aid? They deserve help to

  46. 1

    We provide a mobile platform that enables SMEs to create and manage dedicated e-commerce stores in minutes! Link-

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    30% of items that customers buy through an online/brick-and-mortar retailer back back as returns. This results in $100 billion dollars annually and this number is increasing as retailers are shifting towards making it easy to return an item. From these returns, the majority of them collect dust in warehouses and eventually end up in landfills.

    The software that we created (Patturn) tackles the complexities of returns by automating returns management and processing. It allows users to tackle of control of merchandise in any condition (new, used, refurb) and it routes them online market places that maximize revenue. Our goal is to find a new home for products and to advance retail sustainability.

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    Wow! Didn't know these many awesome products are out there!! Thanks guys :)

    As this post got amazing response, in case anyone is interested to be in a podcast I'm planning for please leave me a message at

    Looking for startups that are solving problems in a unique or a creative way. Need not generate revenue yet but need to have some customers who love your product. Looking forward to talking to you!

  49. 1 — Freelance/contract work can be precarious. From collections to taxes to health insurance, it cost a lot to do what you love. Tribe Works is a shared services platform that handles all of your back office tasks. With streamlined invoicing + collections, simplified taxes, and employee style group health care rates Tribe Works let’s you focus on what matters.

  50. 1 -- Restaurants have had to shift en-masse to takeout or delivery orders to survive the pandemic. Photos outperform text menus by 30%, but the problem is it's time-consuming and expensive to book a photographer. We solve that by tapping into the huge supply of photographers all over the country and simplify the process with a platform that standardizes prices and makes booking as easy as pressing a button.

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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