August 4, 2020

What’s the best piece of advice you have for everyone here?

Yehuda Brickman @yehuda

I purposely want to ask this in a general sense. This piece of advice can be about life, starting your journey, work ethic, anything really.

Maybe it’s something that you’ve learned from hard work or maybe something you heard Bill Gates or Gary Vaynerchuk say once. Maybe your dad told you this when you were really young.

Whatever it is, I’m sure everyone would love to hear it. Thanks so much!

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    Live life by your own rules.

    Hustlers are gonna tell you to hustle.
    Slackers are gonna tell you to slack.

    I personally do what I feel I should do. Do I feel like playing League of Legends for 10 hours? I will do that. Do I feel like working 16 hours a day for 3 days to implement a cool new feature? I will do that.

    In my case it works, because my default state is one of productivity where I constantly yearn to create products. The problem? While working and being focused on one thing, the brain does not have time to think about other things. I get the best ideas after procrastinating. I am in a never-ending cycle of procrastination -> great idea -> implementation -> procrastination. This might not work for everyone, but in my case this is how I managed to have amazing results that I can be proud of, while living a happy life and not getting burned out.

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    forget tips and tricks. go all in on mindset.

    those with the right mindset find a way. those without don't. simple as that

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      I've been watching The Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan and its a masterclass on mindset. Its so clear that his ability to control his mindset lifted him above the other talented players of his era.

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        i loved it as wel. great doc

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    I’m quite at the beginning of my journey myself too but one thing I would say would be.

    Do things good enough but don’t strive for perfection in the beginning, if you do that you’ll still be striving a year from now.

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    Take your time. Be frugal and appreciate slow, but good growth.

    Similar to what @PaoloAmoroso says. I'm pretty convinced so many businesses fail because they expect results too quickly.

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    Patience is more important than you think.

    When starting out, everything happens at a snail's pace and nothing seems to move the needle for your project. Until, much later, you hit a critical mass. Then a chain reaction kicks in and pretty much anything you throw at the wall sticks.

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      I was going to put something about patience but you beat me to the punch so I'll just upvote you.

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        Damn, I was too impatient 😀 Thanks!

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    "Embrace the struggle"

    I just finished reading "The Hard Things About Hard Things" and those were the final words. It was a timely piece of advice because things can get much harder than you ever anticipated.

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      Thanks for this piece of advice. I'm going to purchase this book right now.

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      That book was amazing. I really like books that don't try to sell you a dream like other "business" or "motivational" books.

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        I know right? He really had a rocky route to success, really appreciated the candid outlook!

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    Hi Yehuda, great question. One of the best pieces of advice I could give is not to be afraid of "failure". There are so many lessons in failing, sometimes many more than in success. Following your dreams takes you for a wild magic carpet ride of thrills, ups and downs, and the exhilarating feeling of taking control of your life.

    Failure is a part of every aspect of life. It teaches you you what you did wrong. It teaches determination. It propels you forward to where you are supposed to be. Always keep following your dreams. That's the key to happiness in my life.

    What advice would you give Yehuda?

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    Be yourself!
    Do not overthink!
    Just do it!
    Do not forget to live your life.
    Health > Family > Work.
    Sleep at least 8 hours every night.
    Building business as a solo founder is hard. Building a business with a co-founder is even harder.

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    🌲 1. Think long term. Learn to be patient.
    🛤 2. Appreciate the way. It's not all about the result.
    👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 3. Help genuinely others. We are all in the same boat. We all need support.
    🙅‍♂️ 4. Don't compare yourself to the others. Compare yourself to your past self.
    🤹 5. Nobody is great everyday. Nobody has discipline everyday. We all need to work on who we want to be, a bit everyday.
    💀 6. Nothing stay forever. It's true for pain, joy, a business, a habit. Work on accepting it.
    🧠 7. Learn to know yourself: what you need, what you want to do, what's your deep purpose.
    📜 8. Understanding and internalizing are two different concepts. You can understand (or think you do) with a book, you can only internalize with strong experiences.

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    Be patient. Be resilient. Stand by your vision.

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    Read about marketing. Don't think you're a marketing genius who can figure everything out yourself because that's how you learned to code. Read about marketing.

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    Do something you enjoy. It's going to be way way harder than you think it is. Other people are going to copy it. You need to choose to do something that you enjoy enough to really put in the hours and beat them.

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    For most people my advice is stolen from Nike and "Just Do It". I've found that most people will spend days just day dreaming of this "idea" that is going to change the world and never act on it.

    However, I don't think indie hackers have that problem. For indie hackers specifically my advice is to not give up too early. I see so many people on here who launch and close up shop after a month because they didn't get a single customer. But starting a business is hard! It's completely okay to not have customers after a month of launch, keep going and pivot if you need to.

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    Love this question @yehuda,

    I'm just 24, I still think I don't know anything.

    Last year I decided to start the business with my close friend, 1 year after that I turn that into side project, cause my partner seems not quite committed. Anyway, I think we all learned or realized something based on what we actually experienced.

    Two major things:

    1. If people want to go, let them.

    That was a hard decision to let my partner go, cause I was fear that I couldn't handle the rest of sh*x things. But it's not helpful to keep someone who is not determined to fight with you, so just let go.

    About friendship, some used to close friends are just disappear and not contact you anymore.

    I was pissed off one of my friends never answer my phone call and messages since the unknown moment and for no reason. (Maybe I did something or maybe not)

    Now, I think it’s fine, I can’t force friendship or anything. It’s okay, I wish them well and hope everything is going great.

    Just don’t being emotional on those things you can not control. let it be. It’s life. Just like this tough time, we can get through it.

    1. Ask

    I always wanted to do my own thing. I don’t know what that specifically it is yet.

    So I tried every different kind of things then see how far I can go.

    I was washing dishes for money when I served in the military base in Taiwan. It was unacceptable there to do anything money-related.

    I don’t give a sh*t, I just want more money to buy some chips for me and my fellow.

    Then I quickly noticed most people just want to go play their phones when the rest time comes, want to have fun or call their girlfriend and even cry alone (Cause some of them are pussy, kidding).

    I thought maybe I could do the not funny, exhausted part for them, like:

    Washing their dishes for 100 NT dollars each time. (Just a random idea at that moment.)

    It was shameful and painful when you asking for money because you possibly getting rejected and you don’t like that feeling.

    I simply ask one of the fellows if they want me to help them wash their dishes then they could have more time to do whatever they want!

    I got rejected, the reason is: It’s too expensive. (I realized that they reject the price, not me personally.)

    After the message spread out by my friend, It was a life-changing moment for me.

    I started a business despite its only two months' server there.

    I washed 8 people’s dishes for every single meal, it’s 3 meals.

    Means I’ve earned:
    8 people * $100 * 3 times/ per day = $2,400 NTD / per day
    $2,400 NTD * 20 (work day) = 48,000 NTD/ month

    It was incredible that I earned more than my previous office job’s salary.

    And I start realizing,

    Simply asking is one of the powerful skills in the world.

    Sorry, it's a bit long but I truly love this question and I'm reading others too!

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    Never stop learning! learn a new skill every month. You should be an improved version of yourself every day. your future self should be your own inspiration.

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    Going with a more positive approach here:

    You are loved and people love you. Just do the best you can nobody can ever ask any more of you than that.

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    At the start we always think too big and do too much. If you just get that first concept done as bare bones as possible and get it shipped, you've already won 90% of the game. Iterating slowly to fill out your vision from there is so much easier after you've started. Once it exists in the world your frenzy will calm down and you'll get to it see plainly. This helps you take it to the next phase. Phase 4 will come but only when Phase 1 is complete.

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    Keep an open mind and be ready things not to go as planned.

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    Enjoy your life. You only have one and it's going away one day at a time.

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    Study Logosophy.

    It's a science, but one that studies life in its psychological and spiritual aspects. With this study, I've found answer to many of my deepest, existential questions, broadening the perspectives of my life as a hole and giving a true meaning to it. If you've ever wondered what is life all about, why do we exist and if there is an objective for all this, and you never found yourself satisfied with beliefs of any sort, then you'll find, just as I have, that this science is what you were looking for.

    If I can help with a link to begin with, here it is:
    You'll find all the author's books available for free download on the website.

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