July 5, 2020

What’s your goal 🎯 for the coming week?

Yehuda Brickman @yehuda

Share your goal for the coming week. At the end of the week I’ll post again asking you if you achieved your goal.

If you want feedback or input, ask for it in your comment and hopefully someone can help you out with it. Maybe you have 2 things you need to accomplish and want to know which is more important? Or maybe you need some advice on how to achieve your goals?

Let’s work hard so we can all meet our goals this week 💪!

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    A couple items I want to accomplish this week The Daily Smark

    1. Update the homepage for thedailysmark.com to show the news first and then make the current homepage an about page
    2. Try to fix some last lingering bugs on our new iPhone app update.
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      Wow, your site looks amazing, love the idea, do you have a lot of users so far?

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        Thanks for the kind words! I have about 600 monthly users. Most come from search so I need to find a good way to retain them.

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    I’ll start with my goal, I’m hoping to have a landing page up by the end of this week.

    Since my landing page actually incorporates my product, I’m going to have to have a rough copy of my product working as well. I’m currently at 0 so this is a pretty lofty goal but I hope I can post by the end of this week that I’ve accomplished it.

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    I hope I will push myself to do some marketing for the book I'm writing for developers: https://themouseless.dev/

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      Looks like a very interesting book - I think it could be very helpful to a lot of people. Unfortunately, I'm too attached to my current tools, and my mouse 😛, and my motto is "stick with what works" but I do know a lot of people who tried and failed to go mouseless.

      Also, great landing page! I love the color scheme and it communicated the point of the book very quickly. How far along with the book are you?

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        "Stick with what work" is good for code in production, but if I would "stick with what work" for everything, including my workflow, my way of doing things or my way of thinking, I would never discover anything, and I would have a hard time to improve ;)

        Experimenting allows us to move forward.

        Thanks for the return! I'm not a designer or a frontend developer, but I only had positive return on the landing page. It's encouraging.

        I'm not very far in the writing yet, I'm waiting to see if people are interested. To be honest even if nobody is, I think I'll write it anyway, it's a good challenge and... I love writing :)

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    Migrate from my old Stripe account to my new LLC’s Stripe Atlas account!

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      That's amazing, should just be a switch of the API keys. Congratulations on incorporating, that's a huge step. What happened that made you decide to create an LLC?

      1. 2

        Thank you! My goal from the start was to not pay for incorporating out of my own pocket. The past two months have been profitable (not counting labor, but one step at a time 😅) with the last month netting almost $500, so I decided to just go for it!

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          That's an amazing goal, congratulations!

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        Thank you!

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    As crazy as it sounds, my goal for this coming week is to get one paying customer.. which will give me a paying customer within 7-10 days of inception.

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      Good luck - that's also my goal!

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    Goals this week:

    1. Finish first draft of PDF cheatsheet design for blog post
    2. Complete Twitter following audit
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      Good luck! That sounds great, what type of cheatsheet are you making, what is it for?

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        Thanks! In the blog post, I present a framework for learning things quickly. So the cheat sheet is a condensed version to make it easier to remember the framework!

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    I have a few goals I want to get done this week regarding my indie project.

    1: contribute feedback to indie hackers
    2: design the admin section of project (got drop downs designed this last week)
    3: get business account setup and linked to stripe
    4: look into more design inspiration ideas
    5: post to indie hackers on my progress

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      What is your Indie project!? I'm so curious now.

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        Follow me! I’ll keep the community posted!

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    To make better sheets Better.

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      Good luck!

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    Great question. I have monthly goals, daily but not weekly

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    I'm trying to add at least 50 people to our waitlist this week, with a $0 budget.

    If anyone wants to help :) - https://www.monilo.io

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    Looking to finishing the MVP for www.jempost.com
    Also looking to get more users to join my waitlist for jemsplash.com (Goal: 25 more users this week).
    Publish a new blog post on girlgocode.com
    Learn more about Javascript on a intermediate level

    I'll be posting my progress on here and Twitter! twitter.com/breedaddy_mp3

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    Get my first customer for www.veggiesteadycook.co.uk. Got an influencer who I'm giving a free meal kit to, so hoping I can build some traction if that is successful!

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    Started a 'Copywriting for Startup' newsletter a couple of days ago - so hopefully I can get 50 subscribers (big goal I know!) by the end of the week.

    If you're interested in the first post, check it out here:

    The first post is a mini-hack to describe your startup in 4 words or less.

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    Get another 5 users for bubbleleads.com

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    I want to get my current project (Tascflow) to soft launch status by this time next week.

    Going to be a challenge, but I think it's doable.

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    This week is all about improving the reliability and performance of https://polished.app

    There are currently some bugs with the text editor part where they just need to be at parity with other text editors. Then I need to really work on improving the performance.

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      Good luck!

      Just by a quick look at your landing page I didn't really understand what advantages your app has over any other tool out there. I see that's not your focus right now but just wanted to note that maybe you could improve your messaging to make it more clear to first time visitors.

      1. 1

        Thank you! And thanks for the feedback. That's really helpful.

        Once the product is better I plan to add screenshots and link messaging on the landing page with actual features. The get feedback and iterate, iterate, iterate.

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    Goal for the coming week - create a sprite for XiJinPing.

    In the past few days I have created a sprite for President Modi which is being integrated with an Indian chat app called HaiPals.

    Below is the one for Modi. The speech has a variable that integrates into the chat software.

    Toonclip - DND Modi says

    1. 1

      Wow, that's a really nice sprite and a really cool idea to have the chat bubble programmable!

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    Launched http://bunnywhowrites.com/, we're doing product guides for SaaS and Web apps.

    1. Looking to add the payment flow so you can buy directly from the website.
    2. Writing more samples for the blog
    3. Try and find partners/affiliates to work with.

    Any feedback is welcomed!

    1. 2

      Looks like a really neat service, looks really nice.

      A bit of feedback on your landing page - the big text is awesome but the small text is too small. It's really hard for me to read any of it and my attention keeps getting pulled back to the massive text.

      Other than that - great design and great landing page overall!

      1. 1


        Text is too small only in the above the fold section or everywhere across the page, even with the smaller sub-titles?

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    Goals this week for Fifty

    🎯 Find a way to link user accounts to the projects they posted.
    🎯 Show the number of times a project link has been clicked.
    🎯 Launch the first version of the "project questionnaire". Makers answer questions about their projects, which I then post on Fifty. This is an example question.

    1. 1

      Really awesome, good luck!

      What framework are you using to build Fifty?

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    I recently started an NFC menu and order system business and I'm hoping to get a few clients this week to get it up and running.


    1. 1

      Good luck!

      What strategy are you using to find clients? Do you have anyone in your pipeline or are you starting to build relationships from scratch this week?

      1. 1

        I have a one pub that reached out to me after seeing one of my posts on Facebook and another that I know the owners of.
        At the moment I’ve done a lot of emailing and Facebook messaging to try and get clients. I think the way I could really get some is by just going into them but I get super anxious introducing myself to people so I’m just trying to build up the courage at the moment.

        1. 1

          Go for it! What helps me is to think that the worst case scenario is you get a no. But, if you do nothing you've already received a no. So maybe you make it better and get a yes, or you stay in the position you were already in.

          Most business owners are happy to have people trying to improve their business and again, worst case someone says no. Eventually, the first few rejections won't even matter when you have so many customers you don't have time to deal with them all but those first few rejections will be what got you to that point!

          1. 1

            That's great advice. I'm planning to head down to some places on Wednesday so hopefully it all goes well. If not I'm not really fussed this was just a random side project and if it was based on a need I thought was there but actually isn't then it was only 2 or 3 days I spent on it.

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    3 things for me:

    1. Increase the pricing on https://packagr.app - it’s a bit low at present
    2. Shutting down https://notably.cc. It never really got any traction and is coming to the end of the aws free tier. Annoying as I personally find it really useful but not the end of the world
    3. Having validated my new product https://maildown.dev, and started chatting to some potential new clients, I now have a ton of features and documentation to do
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      Looks like a lot of work - good luck with it all!

      A few notes - Packagr seems to be down right now. And, the pricing button on Maildown is white on white so it's very hard to read.

      Looks great otherwise, sorry about having to shutdown a service, must be painful. Hopefully it just gives you more time to focus on your other products and grow them even bigger.

      1. 1

        Ah wrong link, it’s actually https://www.packagr.app/.
        Maildown only launched this week, still a lot of refinement to do there

        1. 1

          Why don't you add a redirect so the naked domain redirects to the www one? That's what most sites do nowadays.

          1. 1

            It used to do that but I had a weird issue with netlify certs that meant I turned it off. Should really sort that out

            1. 1

              Very weird, I actually just went back to Netlify this week and the certs worked seamlessly. They're actually very helpful and responsive on their community site so maybe try there if there's an issue.

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    I'm going to try and get my first 5 email subscribers to my newsletter https://michaelbrooks.substack.com

    I'm writing a post at the minute that I think will persuade that many to signup. Writing and selling an ebook during covid-19 lockdown.

    1. 2

      Good luck! I'm excited to read it when it's out. Love your writeup on redesigning your website and I think the new design looks really nice.

      1. 1

        Aww thank you, that means a lot.

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    1. Fix onboarding at FounderPath.com (my new project)
    2. Work on story for ProductHunt (how to communicate that we help early stage founders raise debt so they can get capital to grow without giving up equity)
    3. Locking down 4 distribution partners for August version of Latka Magazine
    1. 1

      FounderPath looks like a very interesting idea. Everything else looks amazing, good luck! Is your story for ProductHunt going to be for a FounderPath launch?

      1. 1

        Still debating where we launch

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    I've got a new tool I'm trying to get out in front of the in-game event. I've nearly finished a calculator for figuring out how to best get Darkmoon Faire tickets, and the Faire begins on Monday! It'll be in town until next Sunday, the 12th, at which point it leaves, so I'd love to make sure I get my calculator into a solid, polished enough, working form (MVP) so I can get it out there the day the Faire launches (or sooner). It's a monthly event, and I really want to strike when the iron is hot.


    1. 1

      Just went over your tool and aside from not understanding a single thing 😆 it looks really nice. I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme but it does look more like "classic internet" colors which I figure you're going for.

      Good luck finishing everything up in time!

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    This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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      Haha, that's not the write mindset! Are you trying to do customer acquisition or marketing instead?

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        This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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          I hear that, haha, what's your current project that you're trying to market?

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            This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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              That's amazing, what books/resources are you using to transition from a developer to marketer?

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                This comment was deleted 7 days ago.