July 9, 2019

What services/templates/libraries do you use to create your landing pages?

John Luke Garofalo @johnlukeg

I'm a software engineer and have previously built my own landing pages. They always look less professional/responsive than what other companies have. I don't have a ton of money per month to spend on a service like Hubspot, but I could spend $10-$25/mo if I had to. How do these companies have these elaborate isometric/custom illustrations?

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    Great question, I see a lot of IH landing pages that need a lot of work

    • You can either use free templates from companies like https://cruip.com/
    • Can buy templates from $20-$80 from https://themeforest.net/
    • If you want a simple landing page hosted for you https://carrd.co/ does a great job
    • If you're building a SaaS landing page I built https://versoly.com/ for that use case. We focus on making sure your site converts by using the latest strategies and we're trying to build more ways to help you before you hit publish.

    For custom illustrations:

    If you need any more help with landing pages feel free to email me or tag me here :)

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      You sir... are an angel in human form. Thank you for your help. I'm checking these out now!

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      I used Carrd for mine. I don't know what they price at now but they were super under-priced when I set it up. Something like $9 per year which saved me weeks of web-dev time.

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        Thanks for the suggestion. Carrd is still $9. I'll be using them later this month.

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        100% agree, building from scratch is a big waste of time and yet I still see many IH do it :)

        Also I clicked on your website link on your IH profile and it 404. I think you need to redirect it to https://www

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          Thanks for the heads-up!

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    WordPress + elementor! Gold