Growth February 16, 2020

What should be Neatro's next steps for growth?

Christopher Michaud @MichaudC

Hi Indiehackers,

Neatro needs advice on what should be its next steps for growth. We are starting to have paid customers but we do not know which strategy is the best to grow our amount of users.

We have two ideas :

  1. Get a content strategist to start writing articles to add more organic growth.

  2. Get a sales/biz dev profile to help us contact more of our potential clients

We are open to more ideas but we would love to get the community's advice on what worked for them.


  1. 1

    Just checked Neatro and it seems well design. Good job @MichaudC

    Re: the two ideas: neither

    Would be great if you can share more background info and stats

    1. Content: It takes a long time to see a significant result, sometimes a month or two. I will only do this if you have got a good amount of followers and communities that you can leverage for distribution

    2. Sales/ Biz: It's the founder's job if you're still at the early stage. Only get the sales rep. if you're beyond MVP/ Viable product or whatever