Growth July 1, 2020

What should I do when my users don't answer?

Jens @azarai

I've been emailing my customers and users for sometime now. Ranging from welcome and thank you emails to asking for feedback of the app.

Zero response so far.

I put a 5 star rating with an additional question on the site. Few responses on the rating but zero on the feedback question.

Getting feedback from them feels impossible. I hope getting responses works better than analytics and testing assumptions.

How do you deal with such situations?

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    Make sure you're focusing on them. In my experience, most users aren't going to do you the favor of providing feedback - but if you make it about them you can gather great information.

    Instead of saying "What do you think of my product?", ask questions like "What would make this product work better for you?", or "What are you trying to accomplish with this product?". If you can tailor your message based on their engagement or what they've accomplished so far, even better.

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      Great suggestion! I'm going to try that aswell.

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      Thanks. Haven't mentioned it but I am asking them about their experience and how I can improve it. Occasionaly with incentives like a discount.

      I'll rephrase it with one of your suggestions next time. Let's see how that works out.

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    You also need to remember that the follow up is key. A lot of customers that love my product ignore my first email. But, when I follow-up, then they remember that they forgot to respond and will respond.

    I highly recommend using some sort of follow-up email strategy (I do a combination of snoozed emails and Hubspot custom follow up sequences). Don't take initial email snubs personally :)

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    I feel those days are gone when cold emails was a thing or sending out an email was a thing.

    What I would suggest is, if you are into SAAS product it's always to good have personal contact with your power users, understanding your power users plays a great role.
    Your power users are that segment of your user base with in-depth product knowledge and are the most active, expressive and influential members of your product’s community. So, it would be good if you could identify them early

    Rather than just emails try to reach them out personally may be a twitter DM.

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      As I only have email addresses, am gonna have to google them. Which might make the contact on another channel creepy. Let's see what I can make out of this.

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        I see the problem, but for sure they must have at-least shared about your product online or may be some engagement talking about your product, may be you can talk to those people. Usually what I do is search my product on twitter and see who all have shared it online and try dm-ing them or just comment on the thread.

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    What will they get if they spend their time? Why should they help you?
    You can't just ask to give feedback, you have to give something back.
    It's not necessarily something tangible - it may be some perks related to your product, or even the link to the "secret" article that may be useful or/and interesting for them.

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      Didn't mention it in my post but in another comment. Tried it with discounts and other some freebies. Maybe it was just the wrong thing for the right person or vice versa.

      But thanks to your response I got an idea of special freebie for users giving feedback. One clearly visible in the app.

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    You are not alone, this happened to me too.

    Emailing bunch of users, only 1 reply back haha

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      Thanks. And congrats for getting a reply. Hope you got a helpful response from your user.