May 19, 2019

What should I tell new investors that I'm doing with my previous company?


I ran a search company for the past decade. It grew to 7 figures and revenue is back down into the low 6 figures now.

I'm working on a new startup that's taking off now and when I go to raise money I need to know what to tell VCs.

I guess I could find a soft landing for it and sell it for like $50k or something. It's better than just shutting it down for ZERO.

It wasn't a failure in that it made a lot of money and I had a great lifestyle but from the perspective of a VC it might seem that way.


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    I have no experience with VCs but I wouldn't hide anything, probably having them find it by themselves will do more harm than you can gain by hiding anything.
    Especially given that "It wasn't a failure" :)

    Is the question really about the investors or more about what to actually do with the previous company?