Podcasters February 26, 2020

What should my marketing podcast look like?

Harry Dry @harrydry

I run a site called Marketing Examples where I share real world marketing examples. And I've decided to start a podcast.

Most podcasts are just casual chats, but my two of my favourites (Conan O'Brien Needs a friend and That Peter Crouch podcast) are split into “segments” and it keeps it engaging.

So I'm torn between having one long continuous chat with guests or some structured “segments” with short transition musi (after a general chat at the start) Some ideas I had for segments were:

  • 3 marketing lessons (from my guest)
  • Questions from my audience (so i ask in my weekly email to for questions perhaps)
  • Quick tip of the week. Or marketing article / video / tweet I enjoyed this week

The theme of the site is all about real world examples so I'm wondering if I could incorporate that somehow. Would love any advice? What do you think a Marketing Examples podcast should look like? Thank you

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    That's great news!

    Personally I'd love a 30 minutes in-depth chat with founders on what worked and what didn't work to drive traffic and acquire customers.

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      Cheers Andrea. Food for thought.

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    Personally a big fan of actionable content in podcasts. So they can almost be a tutorial to learn something or at least provide a decent jumping off point to go find out more. Founder stories tend to be a bit different but if there’s some how to elements to take it beyond interview fluff then it works for me.

    So for marketing examples, what about you take the simple format of story followed by a how to implement. You have the great examples and you can tell the story (as your emails and tweets show) but I miss one thing - more detail on how to implement in the real world of indie hackers or the specific audience you’re targeting. Some of the examples are interesting but maybe feel out of reach to normal people.

    Like the Lil Nas X thread is great. But how do I implement that to get 1000 followers or subscribers or customers. for example.

    Does that make sense?

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      I've got you. Lots of food for thought.

      I think the idea was to bring on guests, but I also think there is scope for what you describe as it's own thing. I really want to get into YouTube so perhaps look at that there also. Cheers Paul :)

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    Hey Harry,

    Big fan of Marketing Examples! I also love narrative podcasts like Radiolab, This American Life, etc.
    Recently I started to listen to RadioDiaries.org
    The premise is simple they give a tape recorder to somebody for around a year to report their lives. This one was pretty good http://www.radiodiaries.org/thembis-aids-diary/

    I'm thinking that a merge btw the Radio Diaries and Startup from Gimlet media could be an interesting idea. https://gimletmedia.com/shows/startup

    The idea is getting Startup Founders or Marketing Heads that are going to implement a marketing strategy and asking them to record how everything unwraps.

    Definitely the timeline should be lesser, perhaps 1-2 months per startup to get you into the idea of fast-growing environments.

    -The final product could be raw and authentic.
    -Nice marketing examples told by the founder telling his own story the way he wants it.
    -You could be working with some startups in parallel.

    -The edition and production will be hard work.
    -Very ambitious and could take longer to put to market.
    -Founders could not record great content.

    I think in general it's not something tailored for a one-man business like yours, and could be something you're not aiming for, but I just wanted to share what I would love to listen to in a podcast on two of the things that I love (Marketing/Startups and Narrative podcasts) that could differentiate from the vastly typical startup interview podcast.

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      Big credit Alonso! I would absolutely NEVER thought up an idea like this myself.

      I also love reply all by gimlet. The investigative style is cool.

      As you said this is ambitious. I can't promise it, but opened my mind a lot to what a podcast could be. I shouldn't be confined to wha 99% of startup podcasts are

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    Hey Harry.

    First, whatever you decide, I know the content will be valuable. So I wouldn't worry too much if I were you!

    I don't listen to podcast THAT much, but my favorite one is "How I Built This" from NPR. I really love the approach of asking the same questions to every guest. It keeps it consistent, and you can see how different every guest is depending on the market they are in. (ie: How Yvon Chouinard from Patagonia did X is different than what Five Guys founder did)

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      Cheers Charles. Interesting idea. Never really seen that before.
      Will check out some more “How I built this”. I think I listened to the AirBnb episode last year. Was really good.

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    I love that you're doing this!

    I'd just give one of them a shot and just go... you'll be able to change the style and delivery as you learn to use the tools and find a good pace and cadence to your speach.

    I did a podcast show myself nearly 5 years ago... so, that doesn't really count for much (https://john.do/itunes-podcast-experiment/) and that was my second try — my first was over 9 years ago! https://john.do/8bit-podcast-yammer-and-the-undead/


    But, what I've learned from vlogging everyday for my small startup is you learn the pacing... you learn how to tell your story in your own voice and way... but, it takes a lot of practice and it can take time.

    But, the faster you get started, the better. I'm a fan!

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    Personally I am growing a bit tired of strict interview podcasts. I would experiment with the format.

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    Hey Harry,
    Given that podcasts as a medium are so well suited to long-form content, that's usually a winning format. Not to say that segmented doesn't work, just that more segments = much more editing, but maybe you're fine with that. Something to bear in mind though because if there are only a couple of bits to edit then it'll be easier to get them sounding consistently great. It might just be me, but I can't stand listening to podcasts with awful audio quality!

    I think people ultimately stick with a podcast because they like the host(s), and while the content is valuable, what they really enjoy is the way the host packages and transmits the content, in their own unique style. It would be very hard to compete with these high-end podcast production companies in terms of producing a super-polished product, but what those companies don't have is you. So whatever format you decide on, as cheesy as it sounds, just do you, and I'm sure people will love it. It's certainly easier to get your personality across with long-form too. And after all, if one way doesn't seem to be getting traction, you can always switch it up.

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    My favorite podcast is Naval’s How to Get Rich podcast. The episodes are succinct, clear & to the point without wasting anyone’s time, just like his tweets.

    I’d try both formats: Long Content & Short Content. Just like IH does now with Quick Chats & see what works.

    I think I enjoy IH podcast because Courtland is an amazing interviewer. He does his research thoroughly so even the long episode doesn’t get boring.

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    The format is not too important to me as long as it’s tightly edited. When I think about what I think your podcast will sound like I imagine something high energy with short clips of music or sound attached to your segments.

    You could also experiment with a narrative approach. Listen to darknet diaries as an example. The host narrates and explains a good portion of the show but inserts guest clips from interviews in between his narration.

    I read your posts for the real world examples and actionable explanations about what’s good and bad. As long as you keep that as your main goal I would totally listen.

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      Thank you Jeremy - very helpful. Will listen to some darknet diaries this evening.

      And your first paragraph is pretty much the goal!

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    Why is this not a podcast where you run through one real-life marketing example in an episode?
    You could organically incorporate audience questions into this and would reduce the chances that it would start to sound too homogenous.

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      Cheers Michael - I've thought about this. The goal is to get every example up on YouTube sooooon! YouTube is where organic growth can really roll. But agree, they can also be done as pods as well. thank you