What sort of business analytics/measurements do you struggle with?

I'm trying to put together the marketing message for Logary, and I'm wondering, what do you struggle the most with when it comes to measuring, tracing/logging and generally understanding your users' behaviour in your SaaS?


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    Knowing what the right things to track are. I could track a million things, but probably only a few are worth acting on. Those things are different depending on the type of product you're building, the stage you're at, etc.

    Manipulating user data is also tough. Once I've collected info on who is performing what types of actions, I'd like to slice and dice it however I want to answer questions on the fly. Not easy/possible to do with most tools.

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      After viewing your profile, I'd say you've been very successful at what you're doing. Does that mean you would have moved from "initial metrics" to "more advanced metrics"? Do you use enterprise software for analysis, like Kibana, Tableau and Periscope Data, when you talk about slicing and dicing?

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        Nope I don't use any of that stuff, have a limited budget and manpower.

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    My biggest problem with tracing, and this is may sound dumb but, is instrumenting it. Everyone wants to do microservices but I can't even see how long a request took from my front end react app through the 2 http services it required to fulfill the request without custom code in all 3 apps.

    I took a look at your github repo and the table of contents is overwhelming at first. After I looked through it though it was mostly talking about how to integrate with 3rd party tooling. This makes the cost of buying in seem really high because there is the upfront cost of coding my app to include the tooling.

    I would love it if I could put a proxy in front of all these services and get tracing "for free" up front. Then at least if I want to move on I haven't lost a ton of coding hours.

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      Thanks for having a look. We're in the process of migrating everything from the README to https://logary.tech I hope this will make it easier to both manage and read.

      I don't at all think it sounds dumb. The issue you bring up is hard to solve without requiring custom code; but I could have a 20-questions style of tutorial, which shows you what code you need to add, where, for the Logary library? There's Istio that introspects your requests by proxying it like you suggest, so if you can add that custom code, a lot less infrastructure and fewer libraries is needed in every service.

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