Ideas and Validation November 26, 2020

What (still) sucks about email?

Richard @richardesigns

A few months ago, I asked what sucks about email but I see products launching all the time tackling email-related UX problems.

Despite this, I don't know anyone that actually uses them! So what still sucks about email that the clever clogs just aren't tackling?

I've seen inbox delays, kanban boards for email, email stripped back so it's just a white box on a stylish grey background.

All very nice of course but there must be something more fundamentally wrong with email or am I missing the point?

Maybe the thing that sucks most about email is that no one can be bothered to change email address or provider so we all just bumble along with Gmail because we kinda have no choice.

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    The good thing about email is that everyone can have it and its decentralized so everyone can use a different provider. For myself I use posteo an ad-free, privacy friendly that uses renewable energy for which I pay 1 euro every month.
    But email does not really has a nice ux, the protocol is somehow outdated and changing a provider is annoying. When thinking about email the first thing that comes into my mind are spams and work and full inboxes or phishing attacks, only negative things. But I also couldn't say what and if it is fundamentally flawed. Maybe it is just used the wrong way, idk...

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      That is the best thing isn't it. I think that's why email persists as it has done, the very open nature of it. It's email's greatest strength and yet it's greatest downfall too - spam.

      I was not aware of Posteo until you shared it, thanks for that. The pricing is very reasonable.

      There are certainly some optimum and sub-optimum ways to use email. I think you're right, it's not 'broken' as such. We just need smart ways of managing it.

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    It's a mixed bag. I use Gmail because it's already intertwined with so many things, but honestly it's a messy platform bo amtter how many filters i put in place. But there's also Superhuman and Hey that are new-ish players.

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      Yea, do you use different Gmail extensions and things?

      Superhuman and Hey - thanks for those. They appear diametrically opposed! One the embodyment of inaccessible technology for privelidged folk and the other a protest against the app store.

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    Changing provider is annoying...but I guess at the core of it is keeping everything organized.

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      Isn't it just. Helped a friend change email providers last week, what a palava that was. There isn't an easy answer when it comes down to fiddling DNS records.

      Keeping things organised - as in that's what sucks about email? It's hard to keep things organised?

      Keen to make sure I'm taking your comment in the spirit it was given and not layering in my own interpretation.

      Thank you

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